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smartraveller.gov.au - Australian consular advice - travelling well advice
and tga.gov.au  - Australian government advice on taking medications overseas
travel.state.gov  US Government consular travel advice


Excellent American Travel website, with in-depth travel information by country including travel alerts on disease & crime. Consular addresses & contact information.
Requires registration (logon) but this is free

wwwn.cdc.gov/travel .. includes travel planner
Good source of information by region with maps

Extensive information on travel diseases

World Health Organization information on Disease Outbreaks 
WHO year book - www.who.int/ith/index.html
completely redesigned & expanded ( internet only )

Go to website

List of TMVC clinics, Some travel information

www.masta.edu.au - Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad (MASTA)
telephone +61 29948 8278 - information re subscription

www.travelclinic.com.au - The Travel Clinic - Travel Clinics Australia
1300 369 359 - local cost call Australia-wide

Tropical Medicine James Cook University, Townsville, AUSTRALIA  -  to assist ref  www.jcu.edu.au/phtmrs/abc/JCUPRD_047258.html


Disability Travel Experts. .. Medical Travel, Inc.  www.medicaltravel.org   cater to people with special medical needs. Their office arranges dialysis cruises, 24hr oxygen cruises and worldwide land vacations and more.

TRAVEL TIPS (medical and non medical)

Better Health Channel - excellent Victorian government website www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au
"Type in travel into search box"

Cheapflights - www.cheapflights.co.uk/travel-tips/ - guides to help you get the most out of your getaway

Lonely Planet - www.lonelyplanet.com.au/dest/ - Popular site covering less frequented destinations 

Foreign Languages - www.travlang.com - Learn a few useful phrases

Reciprocal Health agreements - www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/public/migrants/travelling/index.jsp


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