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  • Take Medical Kit> - see below
  • ? Recent Dental Check
  • Spare pair of Glasses & lens prescription
  • Travel insurance - Travel insurance should cover not only medical & hospital expenses but also costs due to general accidents, medical evacuation, loss of luggage & money, as well as delays due to strikes.
  • Loose cotton clothing and talcum powder will reduce heat rash. Avoid Bare Feet when outside. Skin penetrating parasites abound in the wet soil of Africa, south-east Asia and western pacific travcase.gif (11783 bytes)countries
  • Contingency plan for extra money
  • LETTER FROM DOCTOR stating which medications you are taking at that they are for your own personal use (see gov link)
  • Analgesic: Panadol
  • Antihistamines: - tablets and or cream
  • Antiseptic: (Betadine) - can also be used for water disinfection and rabies bite disinfection
  • Antifungal: (tinea and thrush)
  • Antiemetic: metoclopramide or stemetil (script required), use antihistamine in children (eg phenergan)
  • Broad Spectrum Antibiotic: - doxycycline (over 8 years), amoxycillin chewable tabs
  • Condoms: - overseas condoms have been unreliable in the past
  • Dressings: bandaids, bandages, steristrips & sterile dressings for minor lacerations & burns
  • Eczema -  & cortisone cream
  • Eye drops - emollient for dry eyes & or allergy eye drops
  • Flu antiviral - Tamiflu or Relenza (less drug resistance to Relenza)
  • Insect bites & eczema  - antihistamine, cortisone cream & talcum powder
  • Insect Repellent (DEET) - Rid, Aerogard tropical, Bushman's Gel, Mosiguards (Wrist and Ankle bands.)
  • Insecticide - knock down spray and/or permethrin (especially backpackers and safari tours)
  • Sleeping tablet - temazepam, zolpidem (stilnox) - script required
  • Other - Alcohol wipes, Sunscreen, sunburn cream (may not be available overseas)
  • antibiotic - Norfloxacin or Ciprofloxacin, Azithromycin* (for children & in pregnancy)
    * page 29 WHO year book 2002 - www.who.int\ith\chapter03_03.html
  • antiparasite - Tinidazole (long stay or remote travel - script required)
  • stopper - loperamide
  • rehydrating solution - gastrolyte (essential if taking children)
  • Consider oral Cholera vaccine as it gives significant protection against common travellers diarrhoea bug (E. Coli)

NB.  Remember to pack Information sheets - self treatment of

Last update: 20 October, 2011

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