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Australian Immunisation
Handbook, 8th Edition
September 2003


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Developed countries (Europe, Nth America, Australia, New Zealand.)

  • Update routine vaccinations - (ADT & Sabin* Tetanus & Polio , Measles** Measles risk )

  • Hepatitis A vaccine - (southern Europe, countries bordering Mediterranean & Portugal)

  • Influenza vaccine Tetanus & Polio - (always worthwhile - CDC recommends) .. birdflu

  • Hepatitis B - recommended for children, persons staying 6 months or more, at risk group (sexual contact, health workers)

  • Consider Rabies vaccination - cyclists, cave explorers, animal handling - details Rabies risk

  • Tick borne encephalitis - details Tick borne encephalitis risk

Developing countries

plus - Smart Traveller - government(embassy contact information & lots more)

WACRRM satellite videos
Advice on Rabies, Japanese encephalitis & new cholera vaccine

General Immunisation Information
 (see NEV immunisation resources)

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