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Failure to heed preventative measures
"Experienced Traveller friend" advises you that it is safe to eat what you like in a high class restaurants or hotels
Your assured by staff that the food and water are safe.
The seafood, green salads and prepared fruits look so appetising and no one else seems to be taking precautions.
You swim in lake Malawi (Africa) because it is so beautiful and clean and the sign says that it is safe to swim there. (It definitely is not - see schistosomiasis)

Medication Side-effects
Approximately 1 in 5 persons taking antimalarial tablets will experience some annoying side-effects and approx 1 in 20 will need to stop their medication. However certain strategies can reduce side effects. (eg see side-effects mefloquine & myths of mefloquine). 

No Medication
Given the significant side effects of some medications it is important to remember antimalarial medication should not be given if there is a low risk of malaria.

High risk malarial areas
The risk of dying from Malaria in short term travellers (2 - 6 weeks) is around 1 in 4000 if no preventative medication taken. A recent German study of travellers spending 2 -6 weeks in Kenya showed that on average 20% had evidence of malarial antibodies (ie. were bitten by malarial carrying mosquitoes)


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