Manual of Travel Medicine

New Third Edition

Allen Yung, Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi, Tilman Ruff, Daniel O'Brien, Mike Starr, and Jim Black

In this third edition of Manual of Travel Medicine, Australasian healthcare professionals will continue to find the information and advice they need to care for travellers.

The Manual is structured as follows:

  • principles of pre-travel healthcare;
  • immunisation;
  • prevention and management of malaria;
  • prevention and management of travellers’ diarrhoea;
  • specific infectious and non-infectious conditions;
  • travellers with specific needs; and
  • health issues in returned travellers.

Recommendations for common travel destinations and immunisation and malaria recommendations by country are summarised.

For this edition:

  • all original chapters have been reviewed and updated;
  • a chapter, ‘Health issues in returned travellers’, which focuses on the more common and important illnesses and their presentations, has been added;
  • information about and recommendations for the use of new vaccines has been added;
  • 15 of the 21 infection-distribution maps are now printed in full colour; and
  • Mike Starr and Jim Black have joined the author team.

For doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, this third edition of the Manual will continue to prove a practical, user-friendly, and authoritative desk-top reference.

Bibliographic details:

Published, December, 2011. 245 x 170mm. 440 pages.
Includes 21 infection-distribution maps, 15 in colour

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