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UNPLANNED PREGNANCY RESOURCES - last update 15-Jun-2011 - Links from RACGP


Many supports are available to women who decide to proceed with an unplanned pregnancy and keep the baby. It is important for GPs to inform women of the services available to them including financial support, support with accommodation and/or parenting issues. While in the public hospital setting women can be referred to social workers, in the private sector these services may be more difficult to access.

The links below provide information on support available through:


When counselling pregnant teenagers GPs need to be aware of many issues that will impact on both the young woman’s wellbeing and that of her baby.

For a personal insight into teenage pregnancy, watch the four films created by young mothers in South Australia at www.youngmums.com.au.

The following resources provide GPs with more information on teenage pregnancy:


Numerous patient education handouts are available online for GPs to use when counselling women regarding abortion. Have a look at these below to bookmark your preferred one


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