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Pregnancy related information sheets

Pregnacy resources
Womens resources - Antenatal care - Contraception and PAP smears
Unplanned Pregnancy Resouces Hospitals in NEV & Melbourne resources
Before pregnancy During pregnancy After pregnancy

Pre-pregnancy planning (Murtagh 1 page)

Folate for women (BetterHealth 2 pages)

Healthy pregnancy hints (RWH brochure 2 pages)

Healthy Eating & Food Safety in pregnancy (RWH 4 pages)

Breastfeeding: getting started (RWH 2 pages)

Increasing Breastmilk supply (RWH 2 pages)

Carrier testing for Cystic Fibrosis (brochure 2 pages)

Thalassaemia and Pregnancy (RWH 1 page)

Thalassaemia - Who to Screen (RWH 1 page)

Genetic Blood Disorders (2 pages)

Over 35 and pregnancy ( 1 page)

Taking care of yourself in early pregnancy (RWH 3 pages)

Coping with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (RWH)

Healthy eating for vegetarians & food safety (Queensland Gov - 6pages)

Obesity and Pregnancy (RWH 2 pages)

Listeria – the facts (Health dep 2 pages)

Flu Vaccine and pregnancy .. more

Travelling while Pregnant (CDC 6 pages)

Medicines in pregnancy
( TGA - database - bookmarked large pdf ) copy

Bladder training (RWH 2 pages)

Breast feeding and Medications (RWH 3 pages)

OnLine Toxmed (USA gov)

Nipple Thrush (RWH 2 pages)

Recurrent Miscarriage (2 pages RWH) - (5 pages Monash IVF)



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