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List of publications from national asthma website ( www.nationalasthma.org.au )
also includes Kids with asthma website ( www.kidswithasthma.com.au ) -

Lung Foundation, Australia ( www.lungnet.org.au )

Spirometry www.nationalasthma.org.au/health-professionals/spirometry-resources



ASTHMA and COAD (emphysema) RESOURCESlast edited December 3, 2012

ASTHMA Urgent First Aid for asthma

Asthma Murtagh Asthma, Occupational Lung_f

Asthma Emergency - Adults
Asthma Emergency - Kids

Asthma council Asthma Indoors & Lung Disease Lung_f
Asthma & Scuba Diving Lung_f Asthma and Pregnancy Lung_f
Asthma in children (pdf) NRDGP Asthma: aerosol inhaler Murtagh
Asthma in Exercise & Sport Lung_f Asthma: dangerous asthma Murtagh
Asthma, Controlling Adult Lung_f Asthma, Controlling Childhood Lung_f

COAD (chronic bronchitis, emphysema)

Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema Lung_f Lung Reduction Surgery Lung_f
Chronic Cough in Adults Lung_f Home Oxygen Treatment Lung_f
Corticosteroids & Lung Lung_f   Lung_f

GP's :  Asthma management plan - Symbicort asthma management plan - templates for Medical Director

Right click on the template and select Save target as... and select a location on your hard drive (one that you will be able to find later). see full importing instructions  ( doc )






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