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Back to othersThese patient education sheets have been produced by the Northern Rivers Division of General Practice  & can be freely copied and supplied to your patients.
 Online access - (www.nrdgp.org.au/resources.html - Also John Murtagh sheets (pdf's) menu - click here
NRDGP patient information handouts list  (Nov  2001) 


Exercise Program

Pregnancy and diet
Allergies Fever in children Pregnancy planning
Arthritis Flu Prenatal diagnosis
Asthma in children Glue ears Falls - Preventing
Breast cancer screening HIB Q Fever
Breast - Blocked Ducts HRT Ross River fever
Cardiac Surgery - Before High blood pressure Rubella
Cardiac Surgery - After Hypnosis Scoliosis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Immunisation Register Snake bites
Constipation in Children Malignant melanoma Sports injuries
Cystitis Measles Tetanus
Diphtheria Mumps Vasectomy
Depo-Provera Analgesics - OTC Whooping Cough
Depression Polio 

For Online access >> www.nrdgp.org.au/resources.html

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