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John Murtagh Series
Common General Problems:
Alcohol: harmful use of alcohol Diabetes: foot care for diabetics Irritable Bowel
Angina Diabetes: insulin injections Marijuana ( See Cannabis)
Anxiety Diverticular disease Melanoma
Asthma Ear: otitis externa Migraine
Asthma: aerosol inhaler Ear: wax in your ear Nose: Stuffy, running nose
Asthma: dangerous asthma Emphysema Peptic Ulcer
Bells palsy Epilepsy Pityriasis rosea
Bites and stings Eye: foreign body in the eye Pruritus ani
Cancer Fever Psoriasis
Cannabis (Marijuana) Glaucoma Schizophrenia
Circulation to legs: poor circulation Haemorrhoids Skin Cancer
Constipation Hay fever Sleep Problems
Coping with a crisis Head Injury Stress: Coping with Stress
Depression Heart failure Tension Headaches
Depression: medication for, Heartburn Travel: Air Travel
Diabetes: Hiatus Hernia Travel Sickness
  Hypertension Varicose Veins