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Pacemakers Heart F
Mycetoma (online) Dermnet NZ
Painful breasts ACCV
Painful Breasts Murtagh
Pain management resource
Palpitations May 00 Pattison
Pancreatitis BDF
Panic anxiety resource
PAP smears Pattison
PAP smears ACCV
www.papscreen.org.au/ Website
Paronychia (online) Dermnet NZ
Parkinson's disease  Murtagh
Parkinson's disease Pattison
- About Parkinsons
- Drugs Assocn WA
- Patient Information 
Parvovirus B19 PHDep
Patch tests  (online) Dermnet NZ
Peak Flow Meters - How to use Lung F
Peels (online) Dermnet NZ
Pediculosis NYHD
PEG feeding GEI
Pelvic Floor exercises frames
Pelvic Infllammatory Disease Murtagh
Pemphigus, benign (online) Dermnet NZ
Peptic Ulcer Murtagh
Periods (menstrual) website
Perioral dermatitis (online) Dermnet NZ
Peripheral Neuropathy: website
Pernicious anaemia (online) website
Pernicious anaemia (online) website
Pertussis .. vaccine NYHD
Pertussis diagnosis PHD
Pharmaceutical PBS (online)
inc Doctors bag emergency drugs
Australian Gov
Photosensitivity (online) Dermnet NZ
Phototherapy (online) Dermnet NZ
Physical Activity Heart F
Physiotherapy association website
Piles BDF
Pigmentation problems (online) Dermnet NZ
Pitted keratolysis (online) Dermnet NZ
Pill: The combination pill Murtagh
Pityriasis alba (online) Dermnet NZ
Pityriasis lichenoides (online) Dermnet NZ
Pityriasis rosea Murtagh
Pityriasis rosea Dermnet NZ
Pityriasis versicolour Dermnet NZ
Pituitary tumours (pdf) neuro-website
Plagiocephaly - misshapen head NEV
Plagiocephaly - RCH NEV
Plague NEV
Plague NYHD
Plantar Faciitis Murtagh
Plaster instructions Murtagh
Pleural Effusion Lung_f
Pneumococcal Disease* NYHD
Pneumonia Pattison
Pneumovax, Fluvax NEV
Poisoning management Various
Poliomyelitis (pdf) NRDGP
Poliomyelitis NYHD
Poliomyelitis PHD

Polycystic ovaries PCOS
JH index - Diagnosis -GP management
- patient information booklet

Jean Hailes

Polymorphic light eruption  (online) Dermnet NZ
Polymyalgia Rheumatica Arthritis F pdfs
Polyps BDF
Pompholyx (online) Dermnet NZ
Porphyria cutanea tarda (online) Dermnet NZ
Postnatal depression Murtagh
Postnatal depression resources
Posture & Gait RCH & HCS
Practice Incentive Program(PIP)
e-health requirements
division GPs
Pregnancy resource
inc pregnancy and drugs
Your ultrasound M Usound
11-13 week scan M Usound
Chorionic villus sampling M Usound
Amniocentesis M Usound
Pregnancy prenatal NRDGP
Pregnancy website vic gov
Pregnancy & diet NRDGP
Pregnancy planning NRDGP
Pregnancy travel NEV
Premenstrual syndrome Murtagh
PreMenstrual Tension RAOCG
Prostate resources index
Protocols & guidelines Website
Professional Guidelines by condition NHMRC
Psoriasis Dermnet NZ
Psoriasis - about Skin & Psoriasis F
- Stronger Treatments Skin & Psoriasis F
- Psoriatic Arthritis Psoriasis Association
Prolapsed disc Links
Pruritus (online) Dermnet NZ
Pruritus ani Murtagh
Pruritus vulvae (online) Dermnet NZ
Psittacosis NYHD
Psittacosis PHD
Psoriatic Arthritis Arthritis F pdfs
Psoriasis  (online) Dermnet NZ
Pustular psoriasis of hands & feet  (online) Dermnet NZ
Psoriasis Murtagh

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