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Back pain Pattison
Backache Murtagh
Backache & Exercises Arthritis F
Back pain Arthritis pdfs
Badback.com.au website
Bad breath  BHC website
Bairnsdale ulcer NEV
Barmah Forest virus nrdgp
Basal cell carcinoma (online) Dermnet
Bali & Lombok travel NEV
Balint society  About Balint society website
Banyule council resource
Behcet's disease (online) Dermnet
Bed-wetting (enuresis) Murtagh
Bedwetting Pattison
Bells palsy Murtagh
Bells palsy Pattison
Bereavement Grieflink
Bereavement: RCGP
Beta2 Agonists ADF
Bioterrorism  NEV link
Bipolar disorder resources
Bird flu  nev
Bites and stings  Murtagh
Bites and stings  contacts
Black tongue (pdf) Murtagh
Blackheads (online) Dermnet
Bladder cancer
about & treatment
Bladder control
Blood pressure general Heart F
- Here's the Score Heart F
High BP - brief Heart F
Blood tests Pattison
Blood transfusions & Other NEV
Blue Naevus (online) Dermnet
Boils (online) Dermnet
Bone density Arthritis F
Bone marrow
donor institute
Bowel cancer
about & treatment
diet, screening
Bowel Cancer BDF
Bowel Cancer - other resource
Botulism NYHD
Brain Cancer Treatment ACCV
Brain abscess (pdf) neuro-website
Brain tumours (pdf) neuro-website
Brain tumours ACCV
Breaks - injuries list website au
Breast examination ACCV
BreastScreen Victoria website vicgov
Breast implants or (pdf) TGA
Breast lumps ACCV
Breast enlargement in male adolescents - or pdf Website
Breastfeeding and milk supply Murtagh
Breastfeeding and medicines RWH & various
Breasts About ACCV
Breasts - Blocked ducts (pdf) NRDGP
Breast Cancer - resources ACCV etc
Bronchiectasis Lung_f
Bronchoscopy Lung_f
Brucellosis NYHD
Bullous Pemphigoid  (online) Dermnet
Bulimia and Anorexia nervosa ABNFV
Bursitis & tendonitis Arthritis F

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