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General information

  • Understanding epilepsy

  • First aid

  • Syndromes

Medications, Issues

  • parents, children

  • babysitters etc

Lifestyle & other issues

  • safety, driving

  • employment

Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria Inc. www.epinet.org.au
(Copy of information sheets - reviewed 2006)


Epilepsy and lifestyle issues

Driving and epilepsy

Epilepsy and dental health

Good sense about safety

Swimming safely

Memory and epilepsy

Tips for improving memory

Sudden unexplained death-SUDEP


Employing people with epilepsy

Employment and epilepsy

Superannuation - your rights

Epilepsy disclosure chart

Weblinks (online) ... www.epinet.org.au/links/

List of information sheet (8/2006)


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