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Types - In general, the term eating disorders encompasses:

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    • Restricting type - severe dietary restraint

    • Binge-eating/purging type - binge eating or purging

  • Bulimia Nervosa

    • Purging type - self induced vomiting, laxatives, enemas, diuretics

    • Non-purging type - fasting or excessive exercise

  • EDNOS (eating disorders not otherwise specified)

    • Meets most criteria for AN, but regular menses or weight in normal range

    • Meets most criteria for BN, but not frequency requirement (less than twice per week for 3 months)

    • Use of inappropriate compensatory behaviours, but do not binge eat (eg after small amounts of food)

    • Binge Eating Disorder (binge eating, no compensatory behaviour)

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