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MENTAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT PLANS - as of: 24 March, 2007 18-Dec-2011
Developed by  .. Dr Colin Adams

Mental Health: www.health.gov.au/internet/wcms/publishing.nsf/Content/health-pcd-gp-mental-health-care-medicare

New Mental Health Plans (Nov 2006) - 5 page pdf regarding above, flowchart and Q's & A's .. MHP, CDMs & TCA information (when to use both item numbers)

Medical Director Templates:

Right click on link and select Save Target As
... (brief instructions to install)

Mental Health - Useful sheets .. more sheets

Other Mental Health options:

Substance Abuse Treatment Sources:

Overview regarding consultation and use of new Better Access Mental Health Plan (using template)

1. Reason for visit:

  • Presents with Mental Health problem
  • My psychologist sent me to access the Better Access subsidy

2. Enter some details regarding problem in Medical Director Progress Notes

3. Mental Health Plan - New List

  • Make another appointment to do a Mental Health Plan and
    ( Charge Item 2713 = Any Mental health cons $69 ) for today
  • Start & finish plan OR Start & finish at next visit
    ( Charge Item 2715 or 2717= Mental health Care Plan $85 or $129) New List
    Nb. You must charge Item one of the above item numbers to enable patient to claim counsellor subsidy
  • Subsidy (Six sessions and further 6 sessions possible after GP review in any 12 months)

4. Subsequent Visits

  • Repeat Visits (Item 2713 = $69- no limit)
  • and Reviews (item 2712 = $69 after 4 weeks up to 6 months)
    Nb. A Repeat K10 is recommended at this visit

5. The Mental Health Plan Template

  • This is designed to automatically insert the "Progress Note (Current)" you have entered on the day
  • For Reviews:
    • Finish review notes (Use MHR checklist comment field)
    • Open plan (created previously)
    • Find "Review 1" spot in plan
    • Use Ctrl + D to open Data window
    • Select Progress Note (Current)

6. Further Details (5 page pdf)

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