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No 1426: August 6, 2014
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                Practice nurse time and time based health assessments, GP support still alive and well at NEVDGP    

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Information Management                  Medical Director, Best Practice & General Computer Tips

Items of interest                                  GP Network News

Mental Health                                      Beyond babyblues, Managing Difficult Behaviours, Understanding Bipolar Spectrum Disorders                             

Women’s Health                                  Fertility Week 2014 

Positions vacant/wanted                  

Fun stuff                                              


A Word from the Editor

Practice nurse time and time based health assessments

There has still been no clarification from Medicare to date with regard to the health assessment issue.


GP support still alive and well at North East Valley Division of General Practice

Over the last week the Northern Melbourne Medicare Local has announced that General Practice and Primary Care Services (GP&PCS) will now be delivered in-house by the Northern Melbourne Medicare Local (NMML). This means that Infiniti Health Services (formerly Northern Division) has lost that contract but retains the ATAPS program and support for out of clinic CPD sessions on behalf of the NMML.


Please note that we, at the NEVGP are still providing GP and GP practice support in nearly all the areas that the NMML has taken over from Infiniti. The best time to contact either Wendy or Noel is on a Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.


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Continuing Professional Development

Pharmacogenomics Explained for Personalized Therapy

Saturday 16th August 8.30am – 4.45pm at Oaks on Collins, 480 Collins St, Melbourne. In medicine, one size does not fit all. Two people who take the same medication may have very different responses.  Many factors influence a person’s response to medications. See here for more information and registration


CPR Update

Thursday 18th September 6 -8.30pm at Ground Floor, 369 Royal Parade, Parkville. This Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) update is brought to you by INWMML and The Benchmarque Group. See here for more information and registration or Contact Julie Sucksmith on (03) 9347 1188 or email $55 per person, 4 category 2 RACGP points. RSVP 11 September


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Information Management

Medical Director Tip - Creating default settings for a medication

1.      Prescribe as per normal including until you reach the Enter Dose window.

2.      Fill out the Dose, Frequency, Instructions panels.

3.      At the bottom of the Enter Dose window, click on the “Save as default” checkbox.

4.      The next time you prescribe this item it will default to the settings you have set.


This week’s MD problem - Opening a record in Progress Notes

Question: Is there a quick way of seeing a patients previous Progress Note?

Answer: Yes, your opening screen can be the Progress Notes screen:

1.      With a patient record open go to Tools >Options and select the Clinical tab.


Place a tick in the Progress Notes checkbox and click on Save.

3.      The next time you open a patient record it will open in the Progress Notes.


Extra hint 1: Check the last visit notes

If you double click on the last visit you can get a very quick overview of what happened (or was left “hanging” in the last visit and the patient will think you have a wonderful memory.

Extra hint 2: Change the date order of the previous Progress Notes

To achieve the above it is probably better to have the visits in reverse chronological order, i.e. have the last visit at the top, not lost way down the bottom and out of sight. Simply click on the Date column heading to reverse the order.

Extra hint 3: Increase the size of the Previous Progress Notes screen

On the right side of the screen of the Progress Notes, the top has a listing of previous Progress Notes and the bottom has the individual Progress Note of whatever note is highlighted in the previous visit list above. A horizontal line divides the two areas. By clicking on this horizontal line, holding the mouse key down, you can drag the line up to increase the preview area. This means that by clicking once on a previous visit you will, in most cases, be able to read the whole progress notes. This makes it easy to scroll through and read past notes more quickly.


Best Practice Tip - Creating default settings for a medication

1.      Prescribe as per normal including setting up the Dose, Frequency, Food and Other.

2.      Click on the “Save this dose as the default for this preparation” box at the bottom of the New Rx window.

3.      The next time you prescribe this item it will default to the settings you have set.


Best Practice problem - Following up results

Question: I have just moved to a new practice and have previously used Zedmed. I have concerns with Best Practise that the results go to the Inbox and are not moved to the patient file until actioned by the doctor. (In ZedMed the results were in both the inbox and the patient file).

I find the situation dangerous as I may be seeing a patient who has had results ordered by another doctor and I may miss a result because it is not in their file and I have not known to check.

Is there some way of having the results in the Inbox in some form as well as the patient file (I have previously liked to keep abnormal results in my Inbox till actioned, but other doctors could act on them if the patient did not return to see me)?

I thought that using the “Doctor to advise” and the results go into a separate file would work but very quickly it has filled with results that may have been actioned but there doesn't seem to be anywhere else for them to go. I apologise if this is long winded.

Answer: You are right in that results only go to the patient file after being actioned by the doctor. To know if any tests were ordered it is wise to set BP to open in Last Visit consultation notes to review before seeing the patient. You can check that the previous problem has been resolved and the patient thinks you have a great memory.  If tests were ordered then press Alt+F11.

To set where BP opens :

1.      With no file open, Choose Setup on top menu choose Preferences, (or Shift + F5 from the start)

2.      The choices for the General tab include “Open patient in:”  are “Today”, “Current Rx”, “Past Visits” or “Past History”. I prefer the “Last Visit” for the above reasons.

3.      Click on the radio button for “Last Visit” and then click Save & Close.

The other way is to check for “Unchecked reports”

If the patient is seen before the result is checked then it can be viewed by any doctor in the following way:

1.      In the patient record go to the Clinical menu and select the last item from the list - Unchecked reports (or press Alt + <F11> to go directly to Unchecked reports).

2.      This brings a drop down list and the last is “Unchecked Reports” and the report Inbox will be opened/

3.      You can now “action” the result which will send that report to the patient file, that will fix the problem of results cluttering up an “action” list.

(Thank-you to Dr Alan McCleary for helping out with this problem)


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Items of Interest

GP Network News

This week’s edition can be found here.


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Mental Health

Beyond babyblues: detecting and managing perinatal mental health disorders in primary care

This week ThinkGP invites you to take part in an education module discussing the range of mental health issues that can occur during and after pregnancy, describing available psycho-social and mental health assessments and exploring various therapeutic methods for the management of perinatal anxiety and depression. Completion of this GP Mental Health Skills Training enables access to the MHST higher Medicare rebate for participating GPs.
The activity is also available as a series of 6 one-hour activities.

Managing Difficult Behaviours

Tuesday 2nd September 12-2pm at Level 1, 369 Royal Parade, Parkville. This training provides practical awareness techniques and support to assist practice staff to manage clients who have difficult behaviours. Presenter: Julie Borninkhof,

INWMML General Manager of Primary Care Services and Clinical Psychologist. Download a registration form Contact Julie Sucksmith on (03) 9347 1188 or email RSVP 28 August.


Understanding Bipolar Spectrum Disorders

Tuesday 2nd September 6.30-9pm at The Melbourne Clinic, 130 Church St. Richmond. Professor David Castle presents this session of our GP Mental Health Education Series, an engaging workshop that aims to increase your recognition, diagnosis, treatment options and general understanding of Bipolar Spectrum Disorders. RACGP: 4 category 2 points. Download a registration form Contact Julie Sucksmith on (03) 9347 1188 or email RSVP 28 August.


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Women’s Health

Fertility Week 2014: 1-7 September

Infertility could be reduced by 50% through healthy lifestyle choices and timing intercourse during the fertile window. Knowledge about the fertile window can reduce time-to-pregnancy and help avoid unnecessary IVF treatment. For more information, read our fact file.
Visit  Your Fertility resources and information pack order form


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Bundoora - Female GP with Mandarin/Cantonese speaking skills wanted to work part-time in a DWS position. Tel: 0433 155 451.


Carlton - Full Time/Part Time VR GPs wanted (flexible hours). We are a group of female medical practitioners running a high-quality, family-orientated general practice, with a practice manager, practice nurse and allied health personnel onsite (podiatrist, dietitian, psychologist and women’s physio) plus on-site pathology. The practice is fully computerised and accredited. Phone 9380 4655, Email, Web


Greensborough Road Surgery is currently seeking a Full-Time GP, approx 8 sessions pw. A position is available for an enthusiastic GP to join our team in a modern, well-equipped 10-doctor practice, offering high-quality care in an experienced and supportive environment. Private billing, computerised, 2.5 full-time nurses, (clinical CVC, and CDM.)  Contact Ann McCormack (03) 9435 0711 or email or see


North East After Hours GP Clinic - Austin Health is seeking an Expression of Interest from General Practitioners who would like an opportunity to work casual shifts in our clinic which is attached to the Austin Emergency dept. We offer competitive rates and our opening hours are: Monday to Friday: 7pm – 11pm; Saturday: 2pm – 8pm; Sunday: 4pm – 10pm.

To register your interest please contact Hana Wellington – Practice Manager  Tel: (03) 9469 3627.


Northern Suburbs - Modern and well equipped practice seeking full time VR GP's, great support from nursing and allied health, in house pathology.  Partnership available for the right candidate.  Genuine enquiries most welcome.  Please contact


West Heidelberg - GP wanted to join a solo GP practice, part time or full time. Please call 0435 815 187 or email


Practice Staff

Bundoora - Div 1 Nurse to work part-time (Tuesday and Thursday) in a busy Practice. Good remuneration and friendly environment. Tel: 0433 155 451.


Craigieburn - Experienced Practice Nurse required for busy medical centre.  Two days per week, additional hours may be available.  Fully computerised practice. Award rates. Contact Leanne


Northcote - Division 1 Nurse. An old, established, solo, fully computerised practice with warm and friendly atmosphere is seeking a Division 1 Nurse to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm - total 12 hours. Salary: Award Rates. Contact details: Neelam Berera on 0411 196 940 (mobile).


Reservoir - Summerhill Medical Centre is seeking Full Time/Part Time Div 1 Nurses (flexible hours) to join a well-established practice of over 18 years. The practice is going through an unprecedented growth and is located in an ideal location only 15min from the CBD and in a shopping complex that will soon have Aldi, Coles, Kmart and IGA. The practice is computerised and accredited. Phone John on 0403 178 141 or email -


West Heidelberg - Div 1 GP nurse wanted to join a solo GP practice. Initialy 22 hours per week. Please call 0435 815 187 or email


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On supplements – a bit of a silly ending but the rest is pretty good! (16 minutes long so look at it at home)


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And remember


            A hangover is the wrath of grapes.