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No 1420: June 25, 2014
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                Support for Primary Care - What happens after June 2015?          

Chronic Disease Management            Resistant Hypertension, Type 2 diabetes update for health professionals

Professional Development                 CPD events   

HMR                                                      National guidelines for medication-assisted treatment of opioid dependence

Immunisation                                       Winners of the 2014 Sanofi Pasteur Vaxigrants

Information Management                  Medical Director, Best Practice & General Computer Tips

Items of interest                                  GP Network News

Mental Health                                      Parents and Infant Mental Health Program to cease 30th June 2014

Women’s Health                                  Managing the mother load - protect your pelvic floor

Positions vacant/wanted                  

Fun stuff                                              


A Word from the Editor

Support for Primary Care - What happens after June 2015?

The report to government on the future of Medicare Locals has recommended that a smaller number of larger organisations with responsibility for the commissioning of services rather than the provision of services will be established.

Our information at this time suggests that the contracts/tenders for these organisations are likely to be issued by government in November 2014. In the meantime existing Medicare Locals have been subject to budget cuts for the 2014-15 year of between 10-20%. Further, we believe that 4 larger organisations are likely to replace the existing 16 Medicare Locals in Victoria.

The report to government emphasised the importance of GP support and participation in the new organisations, and, at its recent meeting, the NEVDGP Board of Directors endorsed the Division’s continuing current role in supporting its 300 member GPs and in securing that support into the future.

The Division continues to support practices, GPs and their staff through active Information Management, Immunisation, Accreditation and staff Network programs. Our goal is to ensure that these and other services (eHealth, aged care, after hours etc.) continue into the future.


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Chronic Disease Management

Resistant Hypertension

ThinkGP invites you to take part in our Chronic Disease Series, exploring the diagnosis and management of chronic disease states in primary practice. They will be releasing a new piece of video, sometimes with attached accredited educational content, each month over a 12 month period. In this first video, Professor Vlado Perkovic of the George Institute of Global Health describes the two major risk factors in calculating absolute cardiovascular risk; resistant hypertension and chronic kidney disease (CKD).


Type 2 diabetes update for health professionals

Tuesday & Wednesday 2 & 3 July, 9.00am – 4.30pm at Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation (ANMF), Level 7, Carson Conference Centre, 540 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

This 2 day Diabetes Australia – Victoria, seminar provides an update on type 2 diabetes management skills and knowledge to better equip those who care and work with people with diabetes in a variety of health care settings. Suitable for Div 1 & 2 RNs, GPs, dietitians and podiatrists. For more information see here.


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Continuing Professional Development

Cancer Survivorship Care - North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service Annual Forum

Tuesday 26th August 6-8pm (registration and refreshments from 5.30)at Manningham Function Centre, 699 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster.

Registration is essential - Register online at or RSVP to by Monday 18th August 2014.


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Home Medicines Review

National guidelines for medication-assisted treatment of opioid dependence

The Australian Government’s National Drug Strategy has recently released the national guidelines for medication-assisted treatment of opioid dependence. This document updates and replaces four previously separate documents including the National Pharmacotherapy Policy for People Dependent on Opioids; Clinical guidelines and procedures for the use of methadone in the maintenance treatment of opioid dependence; National clinical guidelines and procedures for the use of buprenorphine in the maintenance treatment of opioid dependence; and Clinical Guidelines and Procedures for the Use of Naltrexone in the Management of Opioid Dependence. More information here.


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Winners of the 2014 Sanofi Pasteur Vaxigrants

Sanofi Pasteur has awarded $100,000 in Vaxigrants sponsorships to five healthcare organisations to help increase local community immunisation rates and awareness about the benefits of vaccination.

The five $20,000 educational sponsorships were awarded to entrants with the most original and sustainable ideas. This is the third year Sanofi Pasteur has awarded sponsorships. This year’s winners are:

1. Multicare Family Medical Centre, NSW

Category: Utilising technology to increase immunisation awareness, coverage and adverse events surveillance

2. Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service, NSW

Category: Increasing vaccination coverage for Indigenous Australians

3. South West WA Medicare Local, WA

Category: Improving collaboration within a Medicare Local to promote the NIP across multiple immunisation providers and the wider community

4. Brisbane Youth Service Inc, QLD

Category: Applying innovation in areas of low immunisation

5. Curtin University Health Service, WA

Category: Increasing disease prevention for Australians travelling overseas


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Information Management

Medical Director Tip - LetterWriter – Forcing templates to appear at the top of the list

Rather than scrolling through a long list to find your most used LetterWriter templates you can force your favourites to the top by putting a space as the first character of the file name. You do this by renaming the template:

1.      Open LetterWriter and select File >New

2.      Locate the template you wish to rename

3.      Click on the Rename button and then insert a space before the first character of the filename.

4.      Click anywhere away from the file to complete the renaming process. Don’t click OK as this opens the template.

Note: A better solution would be if MD had the function to create template favourites. Unfortunately, unlike BP, it doesn’t do this!


This week’s MD problem

Question: What’s new in MD 3.15.2

Answer: Key items in Medical Director 3.15.2

·         The introduction of Ethnicity, Country of Birth & Australian Defence Force (ADF) service status to patient demographics provides your practice with improved visibility of patient information. The inclusion of these fields also assists with RACGP Accreditation requirements.

·         The new eHealth Assisted Registration tool allows you to easily assist your patients in registering for a PCEHR eHealth record.

·         A new Prescription and Dispense View enables you to view information about your patients prescribed and dispensed medications.

·         eHealth Clinical Usability improvements provide improved efficiencies.

·         National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) improvements allow for the streamlining of patient information between hospital and GP settings.

·         Performance improvements to the Pathology Request form.

·         MD Sidebar

o   Restored in unpinned/minimized state to save screen real estate for user who has closed the MD Sidebar.

o   Sidebar menu is now part of Medical Director main menu for quick access to Sidebar options.


Best Practice Tip - LetterWriter - Inserting clinical details into a template

The previous hint showed how you can create an Autofill shortcut to insert a field into a template. The example given was to insert a patient’s obstetric history. You can, however, do much the same thing using a different method.

While in a LetterWriter template you may wish to insert additional clinical details:

1.    On the top left of the screen you will see the field headings:

·         General, Current user

·         Addressee

·         Other contact

·         Patient

·         Clinical

2.    Click on the + sign next to clinical – you are the able to double click on any item in the list to have it inserted into the document.


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Items of Interest

GP Network News

This week’s edition can be found here.


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Mental Health

Parents and Infant Mental Health Program to cease 30th June 2014

The Division had the opportunity to support and fund the Parent and Infants Program for nine months and despite our best efforts to continue, the program will cease, due to lack of funding from the 30th June 2014.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the Program which has provided an extremely valuable service for women and their partners experiencing psychological problems during and after childbirth.

This is quite separate from the Mental Health Nurse program which is both successful and ongoing.


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Women’s Health

Managing the mother load - protect your pelvic floor

This year’s theme for World Continence Week (June 23 – 29) is Pregnancy and Pelvic Floor Health. The theme and slogan support this year's special project, Pelvic floor awareness in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, which will see the development of educational resources for health professionals and pre and postnatal women, including a smart phone app. Click here.


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Carlton - Full Time/Part Time VR GPs wanted (flexible hours). We are a group of female medical practitioners running a high-quality, family-orientated general practice, with a practice manager, practice nurse and allied health personnel onsite (podiatrist, dietitian, psychologist and women’s physio) plus on-site pathology. The practice is fully computerised and accredited. Phone 9380 4655, Email, Web


Greensborough Road Surgery is currently seeking a Full-Time GP, approx 8 sessions pw. A position is available for an enthusiastic GP to join our team in a modern, well-equipped 10-doctor practice, offering high-quality care in an experienced and supportive environment. Private billing, computerised, 2.5 full-time nurses, (clinical CVC, and CDM.)  Contact Ann McCormack (03) 9435 0711 or email or see


Northern Suburbs - Modern and well equipped practice seeking full time VR GP's, great support from nursing and allied health, in house pathology.  Partnership available for the right candidate.  Genuine enquiries most welcome.  Please contact


Reservoir - Summerhill Medical Centre is seeking Full Time/Part Time VR GPs (flexible hours) to join a well-established practice of over 18 years. The practice is going through an unprecedented growth and is located in an ideal location only 15min from the CBD and in a shopping complex that will soon have Aldi, Coles, Kmart and IGA.  Excellent remuneration of 70% plus. The practice is computerised and accredited. Phone John on 0403 178 141 or email -


West Heidelberg - GP wanted to join a solo GP practice, part time or full time. Please call 0435 815 187 or email


Practice Staff

Craigieburn - Experienced Practice Nurse required for busy medical centre.  Two days per week, additional hours may be available.  Fully computerised practice. Award rates. Contact Leanne


Northcote - Division 1 Nurse. An old, established, solo, fully computerised practice with warm and friendly atmosphere is seeking a Division 1 Nurse to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm - total 12 hours. Salary: Award Rates.

Contact details: Neelam Berera on 0411 196 940 (mobile).


West Heidelberg - Div 1 GP nurse wanted to join a solo GP practice. Initialy 22 hours per week. Please call 0435 815 187 or email


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A very successful attorney parks his brand new Audi in front of his office,... ready to show it off to his colleagues. As he is getting out, a truck comes along too closely and completely tears off the driver’s door. Fortunately, a cop in a police car is close enough to see the accident and pulls up behind the Audi with his lights flashing. Before the cop has a chance to ask any questions, the attorney starts screaming hysterically about how his Audi, which he had just purchased the day before, was completely ruined and would never be the same, no matter how any car body shop tried to make it new again. After the lawyer finally winds down from his rant, the cop shakes his head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe how materialistic you lawyers are,” he says. “You are so focused on your possessions that you neglect the most important things in life.”

“How can you say such a thing?” asks the lawyer.

The cop replies, “Don't you even realise that your left arm is missing? It was severed when the truck hit you!”

“OH, MY GOD!!!” screams the lawyer. “My Rolex!”


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And remember


            … By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.