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No 1404: February 26, 2014
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                AFTER HOURS SURVEY – IMPORTANT THAT PRACTICES CONTRIBUTE  

Chronic Disease Management            Carbohydrate counting workshops for people on insulin pumps or bolus calculators, Diabetes Australia – Vic - Type 1 in the City event

Professional Development                 CPD events   

HMR                                                      Medication Review program reduced to two yearly reviews ONLY from 1 March 2014

Immunisation                                       Flu Smart, Understanding Childhood Immunisation (UCI) booklet

Information Management                  Medical Director, Best Practice & General Computer Tips

Items of interest                                  APPN Website, GP Network News

Positions vacant/wanted                  

Fun stuff                                              


A Word from the Editor


(Closes March 7th, 2014)

With more than 80 Northern Melbourne responses to the AMA – Medicare Local Survey, the highest by far in the country, and the government’s review findings imminent, we want to encourage you to continue to HAVE YOUR SAY.  (Read the AMA – Medicare Local Survey Results here)


The University of Melbourne has been engaged by seven MEDICARE LOCALS to evaluate the differing after hour’s program models across the Metropolitan Area. This includes service delivery arrangements of Medical Deputising Services and replacement Practice Incentive Payment models as implemented by each of the consortium Medicare Locals.


We understand Rosemary McKenzie and Professor David Dunt from Melbourne University’s Centre for Health Policy, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, will lead the evaluation team. The evaluation will include an online survey.

The survey which has only 5 questions can be completed in less than a minute and is to be found here  


The Northern Melbourne Medicare Local CEO has indicated that “your opinion is important to us and we strongly encourage you to participate in the evaluation process to ensure we gain an accurate understanding of the after-hours setting”. 


We would totally support the NMML CEO’s comments and would strongly recommend your immediate participation in this brief survey.




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Chronic Disease Management

Carbohydrate counting workshops for people on insulin pumps or bolus calculators

Carbohydrate counting is one essential component of type 1 diabetes management. People using insulin pumps or bolus calculators need to enter a specified amount of carbohydrate into their device and therefore need to know how to accurately calculate the amount of carbohydrate in their meals and snacks.

Wednesday 6 March at Diabetes Australia – Vic, Level 1 (stairs only) 570 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

This hands-on workshop delivered by our experienced dietitians is for people:

·         with type 1 diabetes aged 18 years and over, and

·         currently using an insulin pump or will be starting on a pump within 6 months OR

·         using a smart blood glucose meter that has bolus calculator function

For bookings and registrations call 1300 136 588. For more information:


Diabetes Australia – Vic - Type 1 in the City event

Your child, preschool, school and type 1 diabetes - The first Type 1 in the City event for 2014 is for parents and guardians of children with type 1 diabetes. The event will provide information on how parents and guardians can continue to best support their child with type 1 diabetes at preschool or school. Speakers include a credentialled diabetes nurse educator, social worker and a primary school teacher.

Saturday 22 March 9.30am – 3pm at Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), Charles Latrobe Theatre, Ground floor, Grattan Street, Melbourne. Cost: Free

For enquiries please contact Kim Henshaw on 5249 0703 or To register call 1300 136 588. Places are limited.


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Continuing Professional Development

Tinea Pedis

Tinea pedis or athlete’s foot exists as one of the most widespread dermatological conditions, affecting between 15% and 20% of the population at any given time. The diagnosis of tinea pedis requires a combination of identifying clinical symptoms and a positive microscopy. 
In this ThinkGP video Professor Roderick Hay, Consultant Dermatologist explains the main features of diagnosis, exploring which patients are considered at higher risk of tinea pedis, and the best strategies for managing their treatment.

APPN Webinar - Blood Gas, the basics. It's not that hard! 

Tuesday 18th March with Prof. Hugh Grantham. Online - Registration is now open! 

To register (FREE), visit: (Please sign in to access the webinar registration - blue button).

For registration enquiries, please contact: APPN | Ph: 08 8201 7843 | Email:


Diabetes Australia – Vic - Type 2 diabetes update 2014

This two day diabetes update is for division 1 and division 2 nurses (working in general practice, acute care or community health), dietitians, GPs and podiatrists. This seminar aims to provide an update on diabetes management skills and knowledge to better equip those who care for and work with people with diabetes in a variety of health care settings.

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 March at Australian Nursing Federation (ANF), Level 7, Carson Conference Centre, 540 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Cost: $300 - DA–Vic member, $350 – Non DA–Vic member.

For enquiries/registrations please contact Doreen Paes on 03 9667 1728 or or see the registration form. 


GP Skin Cancer Workshop

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March at Monash University, Clayton Campus, Victoria.

This workshop was developed by Specialist Dermatology Educators at Skin and Cancer Foundation and Monash University and is suitable for GPs and GP registrars. The aim of this workshop is to upskill participants in the management of skin cancers in general practice. Further information and registration forms available here.


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Home Medicines Review

Medication Review program reduced to two yearly reviews ONLY from 1 March 2014  

Whilst there are a number of changes in the implementation of these programs the main impacts on GPs and Aged Care Homes are:

·         Pharmacists and pharmacies can only claim 20 HMRs per month from all doctors

·         There is a two year (24 months ) time limit  between HMRs and RMMRs

This means for Aged Care Homes only new residents can be reviewed for the next 12 months from 1 March 2014 which will result in a considerable loss of service.

Impact on patient safety:

There is a current body of literature which demonstrates improved health outcome for patients receiving comprehensive medication review by pharmacists. This translates into reduced hospitalisations, improved disease markers (such as HbA1c), decreased overall health spending, decreased medication related problems, and improved adherence to medications. The changes outlined to the programs will further deny patient’s access to these services above and beyond the changes announced 12 months ago (i.e. The HMR can only be performed in the home unless there’s prior approval).


A petition to Minister Dutton (with copies to assistant Minister Nash and George Tambassis, President of the Pharmacy Guild) has been prepared. You can sign this petition at:


Please support our professional services working with GPs and Aged Care Homes


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Flu Smart

From the Influenza Specialist Group aimed at educating the community about the potential severity and consequences of influenza and the importance of preventing infection and applying appropriate treatment. See here.


Understanding Childhood Immunisation (UCI) booklet

The Understanding Childhood Immunisation (UCI) booklet is an easy to understand resource aimed at informing parents and guardians on what immunisation is, why they should vaccinate their child/ren against vaccine preventable diseases, vaccines their child/ren will receive under the National Immunisation Program and addresses frequently asked questions. The UCI booklet is now available for viewing and ordering on the Immunise Australia website. View here.


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Information Management

Medical Director Tip - Checking eHealth compliance

You are able to check your completion of each step needed for PCEHR by:

Click on the PCEHR menu item (top of screen).

2.      If you have all green ticks (unlike me), you are PCEHR compliant. If not you are directed to which part of MD to go to, to complete the compliance.


Please note: MD 3.15 now has a PCEHR tab which immediately displays if the patient has a registered PCEHR.


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Items of Interest

APPN Website

Please note due to maintenance on our server the APPN website will be unavailable on Thursday the 27th of February from 4pm – 8pm.


GP Network News

This week’s edition can be found here.


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Montmorency - GP needed to join 10 doctor busy family practice. Accredited, purpose built clinic. Fully computerized. Flexible hours. Supported by Div 1 nurses, pathology on site. No AH or on-call, excellent remuneration and support. Call Kay on 03 9435 1144 or Email:


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A recent article in the Dominion Post reported that a woman, Anne Maynard, has sued Wellington Hospital, saying that after her husband had surgery there, he lost all interest in sex.
A hospital spokesman replied:

"Mr Maynard was admitted for cataract surgery. All we did was correct his eyesight."


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