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No 1321: July 3, 2013
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In this issue:

Chronic Disease Management            Bounce

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Information Management                  Medical Director, Best Practice & General Computer Tips

Items of interest                                  GP Network News

Men’s Health                                        Foundation 49: Men’s Health GP Education Symposium

Mental Health                                      Access a Psychiatrist within 24 hours

Paediatrics                                           Allergy Update 2013

Positions vacant/wanted                  

Fun stuff                                              


Chronic Disease Management


Diabetes Camps Victoria (DCV) - a consortium of Diabetes Australia – Vic (DA–Vic), Monash Children’s (MC) at Southern Health and the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) are holding a day event at Bounce, 2 Weir Street, Glen Iris on Wednesday, 10 July. 2 sessions: AM: 6-11 years old, PM: 12-17 years old. Cost: $25. Contact: Julia Stoneham on 9667 1746 or email: 

Spend the day trampolining at Bounce. There will be many volunteers on hand to supervise and help children during the day. Diabetes Nurse Educators will be present to attend to any hypos which may occur.


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Continuing Professional Development

Austin Health - Division of Medicine Grand Round

"An innovative approach to managing recurrent UTIs” - Presenter: Dr Khai Huang, Infectious Disease Registrar

Wednesday 10th July, 12:25pm at John Lindell Lecture Theatre, Level 4, Lance Townsend Building (opp. Medical Library), Austin Campus. Informal lunch from 1.15pm outside the Lecture Theatre.



This week ThinkGP in partnership with Dementia Collaborative Research Centres (DCRC) presents Australia's first 6 hour online course on Dementia.  
The module discusses the assessment and investigation of the patient who presents with cognitive impairment. This Category 1 activity will equip GPs with the tools to develop management plans which include not only the pharmacological and non-pharmacological aspects, but also the carer perspective, longer term planning, legal implications and palliative care considerations.

Multimorbidity and Polypharmacy: Emerging challenges in primary care

The Primary Health Care Research & Information Service (PHC RIS) invites you to a presentation by leading international researcher, Bruce Guthrie, Professor of Primary Care Medicine, University of Dundee (Scotland).

Thursday 18 July 6-8pm at Room One, Level 1, Flinders Victoria Square, 182 Victoria Square (corner Flinders St and Victoria Square), Adelaide. For more information and registration click here.


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Information Management

Medical Director Tip - Progress Notes – Displaying “No Significant Past History”

One of the coded items in the History list is: “No significant past history”. This displays as:

Past History:


Condition -- Comment




You achieve this by typing “No s” from the coded list and selecting NO SIGNIFICANT PAST HISTORY. If you want this to appear in referrals and summary lists you should also select the Summary and Active problem checkboxes.


This week’s MD problem - Setting the Save in PMH default when adding Reason

Question: How do I turn off the Save in PMH when adding Reason in Progress Notes?

Answer: This is an Options setting.

1.      No patient record open, Options > Progress notes

2.      Remove tick from Save in Past Medical History (leave blank) to set the default that there is no tick in Save in PMH when adding Reason in Progress Notes, or
Add tick to Save in Past Medical History if you want the tick in Save in PMH when adding Reason in Progress Notes


Best Practice Tip - Deleting favourites

1.      In the New Rx window click on the Favourites radio button

2.      Under the Drug name, click once on the medication you wish to remove. Press the Delete key on the keyboard to remove the “Favourite”.


Best Practice problem - Reason for deletion prompt

Question: On one of my GP colleague’s computer when he deletes a drug it asks for “Reason for deletion” whereas I simply delete the drug, no questions asked. How do I set it to ask the question and where is that information stored when answered?

Answer: Ah ha! Two questions!!

1.      With no patient record open select Setup ->Preferences.

2.      Click on the Prescribing icon and place a tick in the “Prompt for reason for ceasing Rx” so the next time you delete a drug the following dialogue box appears.


The deleted items are recorded in Today’s notes but without the reason for deletion. To see your deleted drugs click on Past prescriptions (left hand side) and click on the “include deleted” box. Once again the reason for deletion is not included.

NB: This was incorrectly included in last week’s eNews under the MD Problem.


General Computer Tip - Adding a hyperlink to a document or email

Sometimes you want to add a hyperlink in a document that takes you to a webpage or to a document.

  1. In Word type “Click here”.
  2. Open up your web browser and find the webpage or document to which you wish to link.
  3. Copy the web address (URL) – highlight address and then Control + C (to copy)
  4. Return to your document and highlight the word “here”.
  5. From the Insert menu select Hyperlink
  6. With the cursor flashing in the Address: box, press Control + V to paste in the web address (URL). Then click OK.
  7. Your link will now appear as “Click here”, i.e. it is a hyperlink.


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Items of Interest

GP Network News

This week’s edition includes: Self Education Expenses - email your local MP; AMA urges focus on Health; AMA calls time on flawed GP Super Clinics scheme; AMA Council of General Practice – New Executive Committee elected; RACGP takes softer line on after hours requirements; Maintaining Vocational Registration; Situation update for GPs on the MERS-CoV; Veterans’ Mates; Anti-vaccination group called upon by the Senate to disband; Billing Accurately under Medicare.


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Men’s Health

Foundation 49: Men’s Health GP Education Symposium

Saturday 31st August 8.30am-5pm at The Jasper Hotel, Melbourne. The F49 Men’s Health GP Education Symposium program covers four current and topical men’s health issues: The Prostate, Obesity, Common Urological Complications and Dilemmas in Andrology. All topics are presented by clinical experts. Click here for more information or call 9508 5363.


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Mental Health

Access a Psychiatrist within 24 hours

The GP Psych Support service is a free patient specific advisory service funded by the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) that provides comprehensive, evidence-based advice from a Psychiatrist within 24 hours of contact, seven days a week. See here for more information or call 1800 200 588.


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Allergy Update 2013

Saturday 10th August 8.30am-2.15pm at Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville. Presented by RCH Melbourne’s Allergy and Immunology Department, this symposium will provide an update on evidence based management of childhood allergic disorders for health care professionals who wish to further their knowledge in paediatric allergic disease. See here for more information.


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Watsonia - Rosanna Medical Centre is seeking a PT/VR GP. A computerised, accredited, mixed billing, long established practice. Friendly supportive team. Please call (03) 9435 1191.


Practice Staff

Bundoora - Part-time position for Practice Nurse. Fully computerised, accredited Practice. Tel : 0433 155 451.


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Complete and Finished

No English dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between these two words.

In a recently held linguistic competition in London, England, and attended by the best in the world, Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese man from Bachelors Adventure, was the clear winner with a standing ovation which lasted over 5 minutes.

The final question was: How do you explain the difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED in a way that is easy to understand. Some people say there is no difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED.


Here is his astute answer .... when you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. When you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED. And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!


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And remember


            … Life is sexually transmitted.