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No 1315: May 22, 2013
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                JABBED – an immunisation documentary, BP gets a Guernsey      

Chronic Disease Management            Teens Empowered to Actively Manage Type 1 Diabetes, The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes, Supermarket tour

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Immunisation                                       JABBED, Sanofi Pasteur Vaxigrants, Immunisation Administration Clerical Officer wanted         

Information Management                  Best Practice and Medical Director Tips

Items of interest                                  Patient Choice Booking, GP Network News

News for Practice Staff                       Infection Control Update, APNA newsletter

Women’s Health                                  Fertility Clinic opens in Bundoora, Having a healthy baby

Positions vacant/wanted                  

Fun stuff                                              


A Word from the Editor

JABBED – an immunisation documentary – a message from NEVDGP Chair, Dr Peter Eizenberg

On Sunday 26 May at 8:30pm, SBS ONE will screen a documentary on vaccination - “JABBED – love, fear and vaccines”

JABBED acknowledges the risks of vaccines, but reminds us of the far greater consequences when community protection to communicable diseases breaks down. It is expected this episode will generate much discussion amongst patients and parents in the days/weeks following screening. I recommend viewing by all vaccine providers to ensure awareness of the issues that may arise from this documentary, and the particular case studies that are featured.

If you miss JABBED at the screening time on Sunday, it will also be viewable online at SBS 'On Demand' at


BP gets a Guernsey

Due to the increasing uptake of Best Practice eNews will from now on carry a BP tip. In addition there will also be a general windows tip as well as the usual “Your questions answered”, either, MD or BP or both.

BP users should be aware that most of the MD templates kept on our website can be imported into BP with the fields intact, simply follow the instructions at the top of the page in the IM section of our website. Occasionally some fields don’t work but this is easily rectified.

To see how to import MD templates into BP from our website, see This week’s IM problemsection in the Information Management section of this eNews.

The division is now in the position to offer its very popular audits to BP practices. In future maybe some BP training!! For more information simply contact Noel on 9496 4333 (Tuesday or Wednesday) or email


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Chronic Disease Management

Teens Empowered to Actively Manage Type 1 Diabetes (TEAM T1)

This is an exciting new type 1 diabetes education program developed and run by Diabetes Australia – Vic. It is for teenagers who want to get on top of their diabetes management and meet other young people with diabetes. There is a TEAM T1 program running at Sunshine Hospital during the July school holidays

Monday 1st July– Friday 5th July at approx. 10am–3pm each day - (first day starts at 9am) at Sunshine Hospital, Furlong Road, St Albans. For further information contact Lauren Cooper, (03) 8648 1866 or  


The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes, who have recently begun using insulin, are invited to take part in an interview study exploring how they think about managing their diabetes and cope with beginning new and more advanced treatments. For more information please contact Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott on 8648 1861 or email


Supermarket tour

Diabetes Australia – Vic organises supermarket tours as a fun way of learning how to make healthier shopping choices for you and your family. As part of the two-hour tour, a dietitian will show you how to read and understand food labels and select healthy food alternatives. A comprehensive pocket size healthy shopping guide booklet is included as part of the tour cost and helps to take all the hard work out of food shopping. A tour is taking place on Wednesday 5 June at Woolworths (Safeway) 33 Hutchinson Street Lilydale. Bookings are essential and places are limited. To confirm time/date and to make a booking contact the Diabetes Info and Advice Line on 1300 136 588. Cost: $10 members and $15 for non-members.


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Continuing Professional Development


This week we present the Chronic Disease Expert Interviews series produced in collaboration with GP NSW. In this series we discuss 5 areas of chronic disease - Cancer Care, COPD, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cardiovascular Disease - and how through a coordinated approach we can improve the care and health of our patients.


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JABBED – an immunisation documentary

Highly recommended viewing. See under A Word from the Editor


Sanofi Pasteur Vaxigrants

Australian immunisation providers are being invited to submit original and sustainable immunisation ideas for their chance to win one of seven $20,000 unrestricted educational grants.

To apply go to


Immunisation Administration Clerical Officer wanted

Expressions of Interest are invited from suitably qualified and experienced Immunisation Administration Staff who may be interested in a fixed term, part time, position as Immunisation Administration Clerical Officer with Nillumbik Community Health Service. The position is 2 sessions per month - First Wednesday morning 08.15 am-11.30 am at Hurstbridge and Fourth Wednesday morning 08.15 am-11.30 am at Diamond Creek. Additional sessions and the flexibility to cover leave would be desirable. Responses should be forwarded to Sharon Harris, Immunisation Coordinator Nillumbik  Health ( by COB May 22nd.


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Information Management

Best Practice Tip

Adding structure to Progress Notes  

There are 2 sets of keyboard shortcuts to put in headings that support a structured approach to the progress notes:

1.      SOAP protocol (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan)
Typing s: places the Subjective heading into the notes (include the colon)
Typing o: places the Objective heading into the notes (include the colon)
Typing a: places the Assessment heading into the notes (include the colon)
Typing p: places the Plan heading into the notes (include the colon)

2.      History, Examination, Diagnosis, Plan
Typing hx (no colon) places the History heading into the notes
Typing oe (no colon) places the Examination heading into the notes
Typing dx (no colon) places the Diagnosis heading into the notes
Typing mx (no colon) places the Plan heading into the notes

Remember: Don’t free type the diagnosis, rather use the Reason for visit window and enter a coded item.


Medical Director Tip – Progress Notes – Sorting columns

The fact that columns in previous progress notes can be sorted can be used in useful ways. By clicking on the column headings you can sort them either alphabetically or numerically and in ascending or descending order.

For example:

1.      Clicking on the Recorded by: column heading, you sort by practitioner – this means you can see all the consultations of a specific practitioner in chronological order

2.      Clicking on the Reason for contact: column heading alphabetises all the reasons for visit/diagnoses (as well as where no reason was recorded)

3.      Clicking on the Duration: column heading shows you the consultation time from least amount of time to longest (or vice versa)


1.      to click on the Date: column heading to return to consultation date order.

2.      Clicking a second time on a column heading reverses the order from ascending to descending.


This week’s IM problem

Best Practice - How to import MD templates

Question:  I notice that many websites have Medical Director templates (and fewer have BP versions). How do I get them into Best Practice.

Answer: Usually this is straight forward and if you change from MD to BP most of the templates are imported intact into BP. But for adding new templates the process is quite simple:

Downloading from a website

1.      Right click on template link and select Save Target As...

2.      Select a location on hard drive (which you can find later, such as the desktop) and save.

Best Practice - import instructions

1.      Open a New Letter

a.      Patient record open  - select New Letter icon from the toolbar

b.      No patient record open - from Utilities menu, select Word Processor (or <F4>), or click on the Open word processor icon on the toolbar

2.      From the Templates menu select Import templates

3.      Locate downloaded file and open

4.      From File menu select Save as. Type in an appropriate Template name and click on Save.


Medical Director - Recording the date when a script has started

Question: I am following the RACGP guidelines in recording scripts that have been prescribed elsewhere. But, as some of these medications were prescribed months or even earlier by a specialist how do I record when they were first prescribed?

Answer:  Very easily.

1.      Record the medication as you would normally until you get to the Enter dose screen*.

2.      Click on the Advised or prescribed elsewhere button.

3.      At the bottom of the window you will notice a Start date of medication calendar – select the date (or nearest you can) of when the medication was first prescribed as well as whether it is a Long term or of Limited duration.

4.      At the Reason for medication window you may remove the ticks from Save in Past Medical History and Save as Reason for contact (you are simply cleaning up your record).

*Note for BP users

You backdate the script at the beginning of the process, i.e. when you are in the Current Rx screen – you can’t backdate more than a year from today’s date.


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Items of Interest

Austin Health Specialist Clinics: Patient Choice Booking (PCB) Commenced May 6th!

A new appointment scheduling system was implemented in the Specialist Clinics on May 6th 2013. GP's can still use their present referral forms and fax them to 9496 2097 or email requesting an outpatient appointment for their patient. If a patient's condition has deteriorated and they need to be seen sooner, please contact the GP priority line on 9496 2900 or email If you require further information visit our website or please contact Jacinta Opie, Project Manager, Patient Choice Booking project on 0481 002 251 or email


GP Network News

This week’s edition includes: Government targets sick people to reduce budget deficit; Australian Medicine – 2013 Federal Budget Special Edition; Freeze on MBS rates takes advantage of GP goodwill; Cap on Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP) remains; Chief Medical Officer explores the possibility of Lyme Disease in Australia.


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News for Practice Staff

Infection Control Update

Wednesday June 12th 7-9 pm (dinner and Registration from 6.30pm) at John Scott Meeting House, Latrobe Uni, Bundoora. Presenter: Ms Margaret Jennings – Microbiologist and Infection Control educator. See flyer for more information.


APNA newsletter

The latest APNA newsletter is here.


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Women’s Health

Fertility Clinic opens in Bundoora

A modern fertility centre offering cutting edge reproduction technologies has opened in Bundoora to help couples who are experiencing fertility issues. The facility in University Hill consists of consulting rooms, procedure rooms and an IVF laboratory. City Fertility Centre Bundoora will host a free information session covering all aspects of fertility for people experiencing fertility issues at their new Bundoora clinic on Wednesday 22 May - bookings can be made by calling 1300 483 232. Further information relating to fertility or City Fertility Centre can be found at


Having a healthy baby

Diabetes Australia – Vic is presenting this diabetes and pregnancy information session for women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Speakers: Kim Henshaw (recent mother with type 1 diabetes); Dr Alison Nankervis (endocrinologist); Dr Peter England (obstetrician).

Wednesday, 5 June 6.30–9pm at The Royal Women’s Hospital, Ground Floor – Conference Room A, Grattan Street, Parkville. Cost: Free. Enquiries: Portia Lombardi 8648 1841 or email


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Thornbury - VR GP Required full time or part time for our busy, accredited, computerised & long established practice. We have a friendly & professional working environment with dedicated staff & excellent nurse support. For enquiries, please contact Dr Danny Lipson or Rose - Practice Manager on 9484 2007.


Watsonia - Rosanna Medical Centre is seeking a PT/VR GP. A computerised, accredited, mixed billing, long established practice. Friendly supportive team. Please call (03) 9435 1191.


Positions wanted

RN Div 1 Consultant available - specifically available for Chronic Disease Management ie: Care Plans, Aged Care Facility ie: Comprehensive Health Assessments, General Health Assessments and Accreditation.
Contact Silvana on: 0403 994 299.


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eHealth news – the PCEHR Song

The PCEHR song from “GP the Musical” performed at Gasworks April 2013 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Written by Gerard Ingham and Genevieve Yates. Click here for the YouTube video clip (5 minutes 15 seconds). eHealth records, they’re the way to go”


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And remember


            Whenever you feel blue, start breathing again.