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No 1313: May 8, 2013
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                NMML After-Hours Initiative – More details emerging – Applications close this Friday    

Aboriginal Health                                National Indigenous Health Conference

Australian Doctor Articles                  Taking your tablets

Chronic Disease Management            Getting started: type 2 diabetes information session, Living Well With Diabetes, Carbohydrate Counting Workshop, Diabetes and School

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Information Management                  Medical Director Tips

Items of interest                                  GP Network News

Men’s Health                                        Type 1 in the City – Men’s Health

Mental Health                                      Depression and dementia for health professionals

News for Practice Staff                       Infection Control Update

NPS                                                       New QPI PIP cycle, Now Visiting on Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes resources now available in multiple languages, Translated symptomatic management advice for culturally and linguistically diverse patients with respiratory tract infections

Paediatrics                                           Paediatric Immigration Health, Haematology and Oncology for GPs: what to think about early on and how to use RCH services

Women’s Health                                  General Update on Pregnancy Care, Cervical Cancer

Positions vacant/wanted                  

Fun stuff                                              


A Word from the Editor

NMML After-Hours Initiative – More details emerging – Applications close this Friday

In last week’s eNews editorial and Faxstream on the NMML Incentive Grant Guidelines for calculating grant amounts to a practice, we understood the quoted $1000 amount was Quarterly (as some Practice Managers had been led to believe). After receiving written clarification from NMML, we now believe in fact, it is an Annual amount.

The NMML has now released Guideline Addendum & Q&As that clarifies the incentive to practices is now $750 per ANNUM for every hour the clinic is open between 6 & 8pm weekdays, or $1000 per ANNUM for every hour after 8pm weekdays & 12 noon Sat. 

We congratulate the Northern Melbourne Medicare Local in trying to quickly fix the ambiguities in the Guidelines for the After Hours Initiative.  This has led to a revised set of Guidelines and 2 teleconferences held on May 7th and 8th. We expect to receive further written clarifications to confirm the important issues that remained unclear following their earlier releases, including detail of the Locum Service arrangements, and whether or not there is any incentive payment for practices to be open on Public Holidays.  

Some issues have been resolved or clarified (yet to be confirmed in writing):

1.      Locum services will be contracted to NMML area wide - no subscription fees will need to be paid by practices

2.      No practice will lose payments for not being open on public holidays

3.      Acceptance of 3rd addition accreditation standards (if current) as well as 4th edition

4.      Practice Public Liability insurance of $10 million is acceptable, rather than the originally stated $20 million

Other issues and points considered:

1.      There is no incentive within the NMML AH Grants for GPs to be ‘on-call’ to their patients.

2.      Those practices receiving less money from the AH initiative asked the NMML if they would consider a ‘top-up’.  They were advised by the NMML that they have lack of data to see the actual amount that practices are currently  receiving but NMML may possibly consider a ‘quality improvement grant’ if payments are significantly different.

3.      The NMML agreed to put clarification points in writing for all practices to access

To be sure there is no confusion, we strongly suggest you clarify directly with NMML, before applications close on Friday 10th May, exactly how the AH Incentive Grants will apply at your practice.
Considering all practices that have spoken to us have stated they will be worse off under the NMML AH Initiative there still needs to be further discussions with the NMML, especially considering the due date for applying is this Friday, May 10.

The surrounding 3 Medicare Locals have an interim process of simply paying the equivalent of the PIP AH incentive for the coming year, while they work on new Guidelines for the following year. Perhaps this would have been a better way to go.


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Aboriginal Health

National Indigenous Health Conference

Mon 25 – Wed 27 November in Cairns. We encourage anyone interested in attending the conference to register early as numbers are filling fast. To register or for further details, please visit the event’s website: or email us at


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Australian Doctor Articles

Taking your tablets

In July 2011 I wrote an article on the uptake of tablet by GPs. In it, I said, “Some doctors love working with new technologies and gadgets, some are totally confused and others just ignore their existence. My belief is that it doesn’t matter which of the above categories you fall under, because very soon you will be using the exciting apps, those already existing as well as the yet to be developed apps. It is inevitable that the iPad (or maybe a competitor) will soon be very much a part of your professional and personal existence.” I think this has fairly well rung true, with medical practitioners being one of the highest professional users of the iPad. Subsequent to that article the division successfully ran two well-attended iPad “hands-on” sessions and we hope, sometime later this year, to run another. For the full article click here.


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Chronic Disease Management

Getting started: type 2 diabetes information session

Presented by Diabetes Australia – Vic this is a program for people with type 2 diabetes who are newly diagnosed or have not had diabetes education in the past. Programs are run by our Diabetes Educator and Dietitian, who will provide you with valuable information to manage your diabetes. This program has been revised and will be delivered over 5 hours.

Wednesday 19 June 9.30am-3.00pm at Diabetes Australia-Vic, 1st Floor (stairs only), 570 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Cost: $10 members and $15 for non-members. Bookings are essential. Please call 1300 136 588. Click to view flyer.


Living Well With Diabetes

Diabetes Australia – Vic invites you to join us for a day of information sessions to assist in living well with diabetes. A panel of experts will be available for discussions throughout the day, along with a live cooking demonstration. Come along and meet our team, ask your questions and find out about the support services available in your area!

Saturday, 18 May 9.30am. Lunch will be provided at Alexander Theatre, Monash University, Wellington Road, Clayton. Bookings are essential. Phone 1300 136 588.

This event is FREE for members of DA–Vic. More information can be found on the web site


Carbohydrate Counting Workshop for Dietitians and Diabetes Nurse Educators

This half day workshop, ran by Diabetes Australia – Vic, is designed to provide dietitians and diabetes educators with practical skills in estimating the quantity of carbohydrate in various foods and applying this information to their client education. Practical exercises will include calculating carbohydrate in cooked and raw foods using a variety of techniques such as food models and the analysis of food labels.

Thursday, 30 May 9am – 1pm at Diabetes Australia – Vic, Level 1 (stairs only), 570 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Cost: $80 DA–Vic members $95 Non–members. (Afternoon tea provided.)

Limited to 12 places. Bookings are essential. For enquiries/registrations please phone: Doreen Paes on 03 9667 1728 or the registration form can be found on the website


Diabetes and School

In January 2012 new national legislation (Education and Care Services National Act and Regulations) requires a type 1 diabetes policy for all services providing or intending to provide education and care on a regular basis to children under the age of 13 years. This includes outside school hours programs. Diabetes Australia – Vic is running seminars which offer teachers and other school staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge and become more confident in supporting day to day school experiences of children with type 1 diabetes. Seminars are being run on a monthly basis. For further information contact Doreen Paes on 03 9667 1728 or visit the website


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Continuing Professional Development

Upcoming CPR training

The Benchmarque Group with support from NEVDGP have organised to run 2 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation evenings on Wednesday 8th May (tonight) and Tuesday 18th June 6.30-8.30pm (dinner and registration from 6pm) at John Scott Meeting House, La Trobe Uni. Cost: $55 – full payment is required on Registration. Please return this registration form by mail (with cheque), fax (9496 4349) or email ( and pay on the night by cash or cheque. Credit card facilities are NOT available. Postal address is North East Valley Division of General Practice, C/- Repatriation Hospital, Locked Bag 1, Heidelberg West, VIC 3081.



The rates of cervical cancer in Australia are some of the lowest in the world. This week in collaboration with Family Planning NSW, Think GP presents the fourth video in the Women's Health series which is Cervical cancer.

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Information Management

Medical Director Tip - Take your laptop to court

As you can see in “This week’s IM problem” (below) you can download a patient record in a number of ways. For a GP attending court s/he could take their laptop rather the reams of paper. If MD is  on the laptop with the patient record well and good. If not you could download the patient record in HTML format onto the laptop where all the record, including correspondence can be viewed.


This week’s IM problem - Exporting clinical records to insurers/lawyers

Question: Workcover has requested a complete record for one of my patients. How do I do send a patient record from Medical Director to an insurer or lawyer who has requested a copy of a patient record?

Answer: There are two ways you can go about this.

Method 1 – Creating a Complete Summary (which does not include any correspondence)

1.      Open the patient record

2.      From Summaries menu select Complete Record…

3. You can then save or print this file.

At the very end of the document you get this message:


Please note that this summary does not contain copies of any correspondence, either to the Practice, or from the Practice, concerning [Patient Name]. Should this be required, please contact the Practice.

Method 2 – a truly complete record which includes all correspondence

1.          Open HCN Maintenance

2.          Under Database click on Common and then Import / Export and then log in.

3.          Select Export and click on Next.

4.          Click on the Clinical radio button and then select HTML. Then Next.

5.          Select your patient(s) and click on Next.

6.          Click on the ... box next to Filename.

7.          Click on "Make a new folder" and then rename it, for example, as “Exported patient files” and click OK. Or select the desktop as your destination.

8.          Click on Next and the file will be exported in HTML format - this means it can be opened in a web browser.

9.          Copy and burn the Patient folder (and its contents) to a CD or DVD - the patient file can be opened by double clicking on the Patient Name.html file - it will open in Internet Explorer. You will also see links to all the Letters and other files in the folder.

It is up to you whether you send paper copies or on a disk in electronic format, by registered mail of course. Method 2 could be 100+pages!


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Items of Interest

GP Network News

This week’s edition includes: AMA President to serve third term; Tax changes will downskill Australia’s medical workforce; Medical practitioner workforce survey; Medical expenses a small part of total out of pocket costs for health care; AMA Supports increase in Medicare levy to help fund National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS); PBS data on Coveram and Reaptan; AMA 2013 National Conference - More CPD Activity News; New DVA Primary Health Care Circular; Changes to HbA1c reporting.


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Men’s Health

Type 1 in the City – Men’s Health

Diabetes Australia – Vic presents this information session for men living with type 1 diabetes and is for men only. The session will cover men’s health and diabetes. Professor Peter Colman (Director Diabetes and Endocrinology Royal Melbourne Hospital) and Dr Ralph Audehm (GP Director Dianella Community Health) will be the speakers.

Saturday 25 May 9.00am – 12.30pm at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Function and Convention Centre, Charles Latrobe Lecture Theatre, Parkville.

This event is free, however, bookings are essential. Please ring 1300 136 588 or visit our website.


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Mental Health

Depression and dementia for health professionals

Presented by Alzheimers Australia Vic. Wednesday 22 May 9:30am to 12:30pm at 98-104 Riversdale Rd, Hawthorn.

Click here for more information and registration.


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News for Practice Staff

Infection Control Update

Wednesday June 12th 7-9 pm (dinner and Registration from 6.30pm) at John Scott Meeting House, Latrobe Uni, Bundoora. Presenter: Ms Margaret Jennings – Microbiologist and Infection Control educator.See flyer for more information


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National Prescribing Service

New QPI PIP cycle

A new QPI PIP cycle begins on May1st 2013.  This is a great time to think about NPS Clinical e-audits. All current NPS clinical audits are paperless and topics include Type 2 Diabetes and the Management of Specific Respiratory Tract Infections. A new e-audit, CVD Risk and Lipid-modifying Therapy, will be released in June 2013. Clinical audits are a compulsory part of the QPI PIP process and can also earn GPs 40 Category 1 RACGP points or 30 ACRRM PRPD points. 

Information about NPS audits and registration details can be obtained from the NPS website.


Now Visiting on Type 2 Diabetes

The current divisional visiting program is titled ‘Type 2 Diabetes: Priorities & Targets’ and visits will be available until end June 2013.

GPs and Practice Nurses have the option of taking part in practice visits or case study meetings.  The program provides RACGP points, nurse points, QPI PIP and evidence of continuing professional development for accreditation purposes. The program will focus on:

•          The importance of addressing blood pressure and lipids as a priority in people with type 2 diabetes

•          The need to individualise blood glucose targets based on patient factors and duration of disease

•          Glucose-lowering medicine options when intensifying glycaemic therapy

If you or your practice regularly participates in the NPS practice visit program, the division will contact you before the end of June 2013 to organise a visit . 

If you are not regular participant in NPS programs and would like more information, please contact Dr Mary Levidiotis (NEVDGP NPS Program Coordinator) on 9496 4333 or alternatively complete this form and return to the division (attach form).


Diabetes resources now available in multiple languages

Diabetes Health Tracker and the Keeping track of your diabetes — it’s not just about glucose brochure are now available for order or download in Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, simplified and traditional Chinese, as well as English.

·         Diabetes Health Tracker is a tool that people can use to record and keep track of their medicines, medical tests and check-ups that are part of the Diabetes Annual Cycle of Care.

·         Keeping track of your diabetes — it’s not just about glucose brochure explains why managing blood pressure and cholesterol are just as important as managing blood glucose levels to prevent diabetes-related complications.

GPs and pharmacists can order copies from NPS MedicineWise’s website at .


Translated symptomatic management advice for culturally and linguistically diverse patients with respiratory tract infections

The symptomatic management pad provides useful tips to assist patients presenting with simple respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold. It is designed for use during consultations where antibiotic treatment is not appropriate.

Visit the NPS MedicineWise website to find translated PDFs for use with members of Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Greek and Vietnamese speaking communities.


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Paediatric Immigration Health, Haematology and Oncology for GPs: what to think about early on and how to use RCH services

Tuesday 4th June 7pm-9pm (Finger food will be served from 6.30) at Ella Latham Theatre, Royal Children’s Hospital 

Registration contact is Sonia Zahra (03) 9689 4566 or email


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Women’s Health

General Update on Pregnancy Care

Tuesday 14 May 7.30-9.15pm at Royal Women’s Hospital.

General update on pregnancy care for GPs and shared maternity care affiliates. For more information



Cervical Cancer

See under CPD


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Doutta Galla Community Health Service, Kensington - Short term positions for GPs

As a few GPs are going on leave in the coming weeks, Doutta Galla Community Health Service welcomes enquiries from interested GPs for the period 9th May - 20th May. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9-1:00 pm. Contact Janina De Silva Tel:  03 8378 1647 Fax 03 9372 1558 Mobile 0409 436 930.


Thornbury - VR GP Required full time or part time for our busy, accredited, computerised & long established practice. We have a friendly & professional working environment with dedicated staff & excellent nurse support. For enquiries, please contact Dr Danny Lipson or Rose - Practice Manager on 9484 2007.


Watsonia - Rosanna Medical Centre is seeking a PT/VR GP. A computerised, accredited, mixed billing, long established practice. Friendly supportive team. Please call (03) 9435 1191.


Positions wanted

RN Div 1 Consultant available - specifically available for Chronic Disease Management ie: Care Plans, Aged Care Facility ie: Comprehensive Health Assessments, General Health Assessments and Accreditation.
Contact Silvana on: 0403 994 299


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A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, “Everyone who thinks they're stupid, stand up!”

After a few seconds, little Larry stood up. The teacher said, “Do you think you're stupid, Larry?”

“No, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!”


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And remember


            … When you fill out an application, in the part that says "In an emergency, notify:…". Put "DOCTOR."