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Health and Medical - Primary and Specialist
NEVDGP is an
accredited organisation.

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  Aged Care


 This page is currently being reviewed and updated 10 September 2014
Co-ordinated Veterans Care Program (CVC)

The Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program is a positive step to improve the wellbeing and quality of care for chronically ill Gold Card holders.

The program will pay General Practitioners and nursing providers to coordinate care for Gold Card holders who are at risk of hospitalisation.

For more information about the program, click here
For MD templates click here
A Good Death in Residential Aged Care:
Optimising the use of medicines to manage symptoms in the end-of-life phase 
The North East Valley Division of General Practice was lead agency for this 2 year project (2008-2010).
Practice change was achieved in the use of an end-of-life care pathway and in medicine management. Click here for
Project Report Summary October 2011.
Contact Diana Cooper on 9496 4333 for further information.
The Good Death in Residential Aged Care project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing under the Encouraging Better Practice in Aged Care (EBPAC) initiative (previously the Encouraging Best Practice in Residential Aged Care (EBPRAC) program).
Medical Journal of Australia article - Acceptability and feasibility of end-of-life care pathways in Australian residential aged care facilities. Click here for full article. July 16, 2012


Palliative Care Clinical Support list NEVDGP
Terms of Reference template for Palliative Care Committee in Aged Care Homes

End of Life Care Pathway (EoLCP) Audit Tool template

These resources are for the the use of GPs and for the information and usa of aged care homes where appropriate. 
1.  Paper-based Forms
The following forms are for paper-based systems and are all in Word format.
2.  Medical Director Templates
Click here to go to Medical Director templates for Aged care. You will find:
- Instructions to download and install MD templates
- Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR)
- Comprehensive Medical Assessment - now time-based Health Assessments (NEVDGP version)

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3.  Step-by-step Guides for GPs
The following step-by-step guides are all in Word format.
4.  MBS Schedule and Flow charts
MBS Schedule
MBS Flow Charts
5.  How the Aged Care Home can help
SOP - for Interim Residential Care Medication Administration Chart
  • Flow Chart - how to use the Interim Residential Care Medication Administration Chart
  • Example of Interim Residential Care Medication Administration Chart
      Austin Hospital Fast Track X-Ray Service: for residents of aged care homes only

  Austin Health: Residential Outreach Service is available for residents of aged care homes who are at risk of ED presentation. The hours of the service are Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm. Phone 0422 006 655 (flyerSept 2009 (pdf)
Use as a container for the resident's documentation when transferring to hospital. It can be printed directly onto an envelope by printing the template below. Or purchase envelopes from Compact Business Systems - 1800 777 508 or email:
  • Transfer-to-Hospital Envelope templates  For size C4 envelope. 
    This template is in a format ready for commercial printing. FRONT / BACK

    This template can be printed directly onto an envelope. FRONT / BACK

  • Transfer-to-Hospital Envelope image example - FRONT / BACK open to view a colour image of front and back of the Envelope.

  • Transfer-to-Hospital Envelope Trial - Public Report - October 2008
    Use of the Aged Care Home Transfer-to-Hospital Envelope was evaluated for the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care as part of the National Clinical Handover Initiative. This is the Public Report of the Trial.
    Click here to access the June 2009 MJA Supplement article on this Trial.

  • Transfer-to-Hospital Envelope Tools
    • Procedure for Useof Transfer-to-Hospital Envelope
      The Transfer-to-Hospital Envelope is a stand-alone tool with simple, clear instructions. However, this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for use of the Envelope has been developed which may be useful in settings where the Envelope has not previously been used.
    • Minimum Information Set for Transfer Form- to be included on Aged Care Home Transfer Form.

  • Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
    Click here to access information on other National Clinical Handover Initiative Pilot Program
7. Urine Testing Protocol -  Draft Protocol for Residents of Aged Care Homes
Formal evaluation of this protocol is outside the scope of the Aged Care Project, hence it will remain as a Draft.
 8. Medication/RMMR

RMMRs ( Item 903): When requested by a resident’s general practitioner (GP), an accredited pharmacist conducts an RMMR in collaboration with the GP and appropriate members of the eligible resident’s healthcare team. RMMR services must be conducted by an accredited pharmacist who has a contract with an Aged Care Home. Click here for more information
 9. Management of Challenging Behaviours
   10. Management of Diabetes
  •  Diabetes Management Plan (for Residents of Aged Care Homes) - produced by Dr Alison Sands, NEVDGP - Revised August 2012

   11. Advance Care Planning

  • Flowchart for Advance Care Planning (for Aged Care Homes in Victoria) - This flowchart is to be used in conjunction with the Advance Care Planning Information Guide for Residential Aged Care Homes (Victoria) which was developed by Respecting Patient Choices, Austin Health, 2008 - August 2008 
Referral and Registration Forms - under CDM, includes:
- Allied Health Referral Form
- Registration Form for Allied Health Professional

  • IM Resources - Clinical Software Downloads - Clinical software templates (MD, ZedMed, Best Practice and GP Complete) can be found under No. 4 Chronic Disease Management (Follow Download & Install instructions at top of page)

 Templates for Contribution to Care Plan in the Aged Care Home (Nov 06)

The NEVDGP obtained funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing for a 3 year Nurse Practitioner Models of Practice in Aged Care project which commenced in August 2011. Click here for Project Summary. July 2012
From 20 March 2008, there will be a new funding model for residential aged care, the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI).  ACFI will replace the old RCS system.  The new ACFI system will be more reliant on documentation of diagnoses and management.  DoHA, the AMA and the NEVDGP have developed the following information sheets on ACFI on how this new funding model will impact on GPs.   
  • Aged Care Australia - this is the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing’s premier online source of information for everything you need to know about aged care.

  • Aged Care Complaints Scheme - 1800 550 552. The Aged Care Complaints Scheme enables people to make a complaint about an issue that affects a person who is or was eligible to receive Australian government funded aged care services.

  • Aged Care Information Line - 1800 500 853. Aged Care and Community Information Line provides basic assistance with queries about home and community care, daily fees, bonds/charges, income/means testing, access to care, residential classification scale, financial assistance and legislation.

  • Aged Care Online Directory Pty Ltd - this is useful if you are hunting for aged care beds in Victoria. It is a privately run company based in Melbourne Victoria whose core business is the development of a comprehensive online directory of aged care facilities and associated services. The site is targeted at people researching aged care services alternatives.

  • Living Caring Working - this website was developed by Palliative Care Australia (PCA) to address the information needs of people living with a life threatening illness, their carers and work colleagues.

  • Aged Care in Victoria  - this website contains information relating to Aged Care programs, policies and services for both professionals and the public.