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  IM Resources
This page offers a variety of useful resources, including Medical Director and Best Practice templates, cheatsheets, MD Training books for sale and links to IM-related sites. We would appreciate any feedback ifyou are a constant user of these resources, would like to link to this or other pages of the NEVDGP website, or if you have any requests or ideas for additional resources.
Clinical Software Template Downloads - Medical Director, Best Practice, ZedMed andGPCompletetemplates (Valid 2010)

1. 45 Health Check

2. Hospital Referrals

4. Chronic Disease Management

6. Lifescripts

7. Medical Certificates

8. Mental Health

9. Dept of Health (Vic)  Notifications

10. Closing the Gap

11. Disability

12. Other

Download and install instructions
Downloading from this site
  1. Right click on link and select Save Target As...
  2. Select a location on hard drive (which you can find later, such as the desktop) and save

 Medical Director - import instructions

  1. Open Medical Director and then LetterWriter
  2. File menu > Select Modify Template > Select Blank template
  3. File > Select Import - locate downloaded file and click on Open
  4. File > Select Save as template - type in appropriate name and click on Save
    For complete MD download instructions click here 
Best Practice - import instructions
  1. Open a New Letter and from Templates menu select Import templates
  2. Locate downloaded file and open
  3. From File menu select Save as. Type in an appropriate Template name and click on Save
ZedMed - import instructions
  1. Click on Tools > Clinical WP Setup > WP Templates
  2. File > Import Template
  3. Find the file where you saved it and highlight it and then click Open
  4. Enter the template name into the Description field. Click on OK
    More Zedmed templates click here.

GP Complete - import instructions

  1. Open GPComplete and then Resources Menu > Letter Writer
  2. File menu > Select Modify Template > Select Blank template
  3. File > Select Import - locate downloaded file and click on Open
  4. File > Select Save as template - type in appropriate name and click on Save


Medical Director, Best Practice, ZedMed and GPComplete templates - Item Numbers updated May 1, 2010
If you have templates that could be included on this page please contact Noel at the North East Valley DGP.
1.   45 Year old health check
  • 45-49 year old Health CheckNovember 06, Revised June 2010 (rtf). Now includes tick boxes for the time-based item numbers introduced in May 2010. Also includes Past Obstetric History, current progress notes and BP and weight fields. The template should be used in conjunction with the RACGP Checklist for the 45-49 Health Check AND the Lifescripts resources available from your local division. You can also check out the Lifescripts resources on this website.

  • 45-49 Health Check "at risk" recall letter- November 06 (rtf). Based on the RACGP form letter. This recall letter can be sent to those patients identified as having a risk factor of developing a chronic disease and are therefore eligible for a health check.
  • 45-49 Health Check "may have a risk factor" - November 06 (rtf). Based on the RACGP form letter. This recall letter can be sent to those patients who are with the age range and may have one of the risk factors of developing a chronic disease, making them eligible for a health check.
  • 45-49 Health Check reminder for the 49 year olds - March 07 (rtf). This is a gentle reminder to the 49 year olds to have the health check as once they turn 50 they miss out.
  • 45-49 year old Health Check paper version - Produced by North West Melbourne DGP based on the North East Valley MD template - November 06 (Word). DO NOT IMPORT INTO MEDICAL DIRECTOR.
2.   Hospital Referrals
Victorian Statewide Referral Form+ (VSRF+)
These are the most up-to-date versions for referral to hospital OP or specialists. They are for maternity, urology and osteoarthritis hip and knee. Other areas should use the generic GP Referral.
Please note: the referral forms arefor use for Medical Director 3.
Paper-based versions
Open in Word
Clinical software version
(MD template)
Import into MD3 only
Clinical software version
(Populated - filled in version)
Import into Word
Vic - GP Referral (Version March 2013)
Maternity (Version 2.31, Sept 30, 2009)
Maternity (Version 2.31, October 5, 2009)
Urology (Version 2.31, October 27, 2009) Urology (Version 2.3, October 27, 2009)
Osteoarthritis hip and knee (Version 2.31, Sept 30, 2009) Osteoarthritis hip and knee (Version 2.31, October 5, 2009)

  3.   Aged Care
Co-ordinated Veterans Care Program

The Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program is a positive step to improve the wellbeing and quality of care for chronically ill Gold Card holders.

The program will pay General Practitioners and nursing providers to coordinate care for Gold Card holders who are at risk of hospitalisation.

For more information about the program, click here
CVC templates
  •  Partners in Health Scale Assessment - original Form produced by Flinders Human Behaviour & Health Research Unit, Flinders University. MD version created with approval for use within NEVDGP catchment - July 2012 (rtf)
  • CVC Consent Form - thanks to the assistance of the nurses and Practice Manager of Livingstone Street Medical Centre July 2012 (rtf)
  • CVC Assessment - thanks to the assistance of the nurses and Practice Manager of Livingstone Street Medical Centre - July 2012 (rtf)
 4.   Chronic Disease Management
Diabetes Lifestyle Modification Programs

Click here for other templates available from Dr Colin Adams, webmaster NEVDGP.

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5.   Health Assessments
          Time-based Health Assessments - Item Numbers 701, 703, 705 & 707
  • Health Assessment Recall Letter - you can send out this letter to 74 year olds advising them of the annual health check, or as a general letter to all patients over 75 - March 07 (rtf)

  • INITIAL CHILD HEALTH ASSESSMENT TOOL (ICHAT) YOUNG PERSON - the ICHAT is the basis for a comprehensive assessment of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of the child by the entry to care assessment service, and the development of a health care plan as part of the Looking After Children (LAC) care and placement planning process - Revised August 21, 2008 (rtf)

  • INITIAL CHILD HEALTH ASSESSMENT TOOL (ICHAT) CHILD - the ICHAT is the basis for a comprehensive assessment of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of the child by the entry to care assessment service, and the development of a health care plan as part of the Looking After Children (LAC) care and placement planning process - Revised August 21, 2008 (rtf)

    ATSI Health Assessments - Item 715
  • Health Assessment (ATSI 15-55, 55+) - A simplified version - Updated May 19, 2010 (rtf). This is the same as the 75+ Non-ATSI Health Assessment. Includes time-based item numbers, current progress notes plus Ht, Wt, BP fields.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Health Check - Item 715 - encourages prevention, early detection, diagnosis and intervention for common and treatable conditions that cause considerable morbidity and early mortality among Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander children. Courtesy Daniel Carbone, Central Highlands DGP - Modified May 2010 (rtf)
6.   Lifescripts

7.   Medical Certificates

8.   Mental Health
Parents and Infant Mental Health Program - NEW September 2013
  • ATAPS Documents and Forms for GPs - including MD templates for referral and re-referral found on Northern DGP website. Unfortunately this site has closed. All enquiries for ATAPS forms should be directed to the Northern Melbourne Medicare Local on 9490 2700 - July 2012 (Link)
  • Better Outcomes Patient Referral Information - an information sheet to hand to patients explaining the program and how to contact the Allied Health Provider. July 2009 (rtf)
  • Mental Health Nurse Referral - a free service for GPs of the NEVDGP to refer patients to a mental health nurse - Revised April 2010 (rtf) For a paper-based version click here
  • Item 2700, 2701, 2715 or 2717 - GP Mental Health Treatment Plan and Review - a combined plan and review developed at NEVDGP which can be used for Better Access and/or Better Outcomes, includes a space for Voucher number - Modified Nov 2010 (rtf) Paper version of this template - Modified Nov 2011 (Word)
  • Mental Health Referral - this one page template can be used for an initial or repeat referral for either Better Access or Better Outcomes - Modified Nov.2011 (rtf)
  • NEPMHT Referral - referral to the North East Primary Health Team - NEVDGP version. Revised June 2011 (rtf)
9. Dept. of Health (Vic) Notifications and Applications

10.   Closing the Gap (All templates are Medicare approved)
11. Disability
  • Disability Medication Authority - this is for prescribing doctors to give authority to disability sector service providers to administer prescribed medications. Individual Authorities, i.e. Routine (Blister Pack), Routine (Original Container), Short Term or PRN (when required), must be selected to reflect the period of administration and packaging type - November 2011 (rtf)
12.   Other templates
  • Prevenar 13 Recall Letter - a letter to send to chidren 12 - 35 months for their free supplementary Prevenar vaccination -March 2012 (rtf)

  • How to find eligible children for Prevenar 13 - a flowchart of the process to use MD database search and to then send the above recall letter - March 2012 (doc)

  • Referral for Audiology Services - an easy to use audiology referral to the "Hearing Professionals" who have branches in Ivanhoe, Bundoora, Burwood, Boronia, Preston and Sunshine - May 2011 (rtf)

  • Melbourne Hand Rehab Referral Form - Melbourne Hand Rehab specialises in hand therapy treatment of all conditions relating to the hand, wrist and elbow. 4 clinics in convenient locations - Richmond, North Essendon, Heidelberg and Hoppers Crossing - April 2011 (rtf)

  • Melbourne Cardiac Services Request Form - Echocardiography, Electrocardiography, Ambulatory ECG Holter Monitor, 24 Hr BP Monitor and Exercise Stress Test - New July 2009, Updated Dec 2009 (rtf)
    Please note: Hopefully you do not have to do the following but if the template doesn't correctly display do the following.
    Once you have installed the template you need to mofify the margin settings of the template. Open LetterWriter and from the File menu select Modify template - select the MCS template. From the File menu select Page Setup. Change the Left and Right margins to 10 and the Top and Bottom margins to 15. Then click OK. You only need to do this once.

  • Northern Diabetes Services Referral Form - the Northern Health HARP Alliance will use the information supplied with this referral to triage your patient and refer-on to an appropriate level of service in the client’s area of NW Melbourne (ie. Hospital Admission Risk Program, Outpatient service or Community Health Service).

  • Referral Letter - Standard - improved version of the "Supplied" template. Includes specialist phone number and indents the addressee name and address to fit into a windowpane envelope -New April 2008 (pdf)
  • Recall Letter - Standard - improved version that indents the patients' name and addressee details to fit into a windowpane envelope. It also includes the recall date - New August 2008 (rtf)
  • Life Diabetes Referral - a GP referral to the " Life - Taking Action on Diabetes" Program - Updated March 08 (rtf)
  • Gardasil Recall Letter - a form letter inviting all female patients aged between 18-26 to contact the practice to make an appointment. Final version provided by Dr Peter Eizenberg. - July 07 (rtf)
  • Gardsil Reminder Letter - for those 18-26 year olds who are yet to have their first injection and to so before the end of June 2009 - Feb 2009 (rtf)
  • National Bowel Cancer Screening Assessment Form - this form had been formerly withdrawn from this website as a DoHA requirement is that fields had to be in a fixed format and are not able to be modified by the user. LetterWriter templates do not fit this criteria. We have been subsequently advised that you are now able to use this template provided it contains all the information requested on the approved Program Form and is in the same sequential order as on the approved Program Form. We believe that this is the case. - August 07 (rtf)
  • Varicella - reporting natural immunity - GP reporting natural immunity to ACIR - Feb 07 (rtf)
  • Swallowing and Nutrition Clinic Referral- Austin Hospital - NEVDGP version December 06 (rtf)
  • DCAS Referral - Diabetes Complications and Assessment Service (DCAS) referral form - NEVDGP version updated October 08 (rtf).
    DCAS is part of the new North East Diabetes Service which is a collaboration between Austin Health, the Northern and North East Valley Divisions of General Practice and the Banyule, Darebin and Nillumbik Community Health Centres. DCAS can provide your diabetes patients witha free annual complications screen, as well as speedy access to diabetes education, dietetic and podiatry services. For further information, contact Carolyn Hines on 9496 5439.
  • HMR Referral - NEVDGP version (rtf)
  • HMR Plan - NEVDGP version(rtf)
Click here for other templates available from Dr Colin Adams, webmaster NEVDGP.

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Publications and "How to" Sheets

Australian Doctor Publications
- a series of articles written by Noel Stewart in "Australian Doctor", reprinted with permission of Australian Doctor





Benefit from Record Building - building accurate history lists Making Recall Easy - take the worry out of patient follow-up

E-Health Eye Opener - a Swedish experience 

Help is at hand - tips and tricks solving MD problems

Cloud computing   - keeping up with the latest technology               
Drug List Update - keeping accurate medication lists Data Swap Difficulties - complications importing/exporting patient files Training Lags for Nurses - practice nurses need guidance Mind the Glitch - Guarding against adverse legal events Taking your tablets - keeping up with technology can be a hard pill to swallow, but sometimes it's for your own good
Making the Team Work - effective management of investigation results Pathology Made Easy - simple shortcuts Form Dilemma - using new improved MD templates Don't blame the software - the need for accurate electronic records is no joke Access all areas - remote access from your tablet is the perfect solution for doctors on the go.
Total Recall - making recalls more manageable Get Ahead - Get a CAT - managing clinical data Keeping it Simple - Doctors Control Panel helps accuracy of records Electronic barriers - Obstacles to a paperless practice are proving difficult to shift.
Making Progress - use the Progress Notes function to its full advantage Easy Does It - completing patient correspondence All in the Look - making documents look good
after 50 years in practice, a solo GP embraces electronic records
Narrowing the Search - advanced searches can help find specific patient cohorts Get Smart - using automatic text Stick to the Code - using coded items Call in the Experts - looking after complex computer systems should be left o IT experts
Made to Measure - templates can be modified to suit your practice Number Crunch - making better use of care plans All Aboard for Data Blitz - benchmarking and target setting using PEN Clinical Audit Tool
Ten of the Best - top 10 hints for MD Cut the Scanning - be choosy about what to scan Have Wireless, Will Travel - remote access and 3G network modem
Look, No Hands! - "hands-off" is the best approach to computertraining Refer With Ease - accurate referrals made easy
Time for a Spring Clean - time to start a process of data cleansing E-Records Know-How - complete and accurate electronic records
Working Smarter - using decision support tools such as Practice Health Atlas and Clinical Audit Tool  Upgrade Makes Recall Easy - software upgrades improve data quality
Get Set for a Fresh Start - handy hints for cleaning up the patient data base




"How to" Sheets
Medical Director Training
 Medical Director and PEN CAT training can be organised by conacting Noel Stewart at the North East Valley Division of General Practice on (03) 9496 4333. Topics include:
  • Introduction to MD
  • Beyond Scriptwriting
  • How to Accurately record clinical information
  • Clean up your act - a course in data cleansing
  • Medical Director Tips and Tricks Part 1
  • Medical Director Tips and Tricks Part 2
Useful Links for templates