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  Practice Visit and Help Desk
 Page reviewed and updated September 2014


PEN Clinical Audit Tool (CAT)

The PCS Clinical Audit System (CAT) is a clinical information system that supports quality improvement in information management and enhances the business capability of General Practice.
 There are now three different versions of the Clinical Audit Tool
1. Classic CAT : allows practice staff to look at their data in new ways for the achievement of best practice and data quality while optimising the financial opportunities for GPs and the Practice. Classic CAT scrutinises the aggregated patient information of the practice and presents it quickly and accurately in a refreshing graphical format that is easy to understand.
2. Cleansing CAT : Can minimise the time you spend cleaning your data.With easy to use reports you can quickly identify which records need attention, letting you focus less on managing your data and more on your practice.

With 6 reports already built and new reports coming in June 2014 Cleansing CAT not only saves you time but gives you all the tools you need to have the most accurate and comprehensive patient data possible.

3. PAT CAT : Practice Aggregation Tool. Imports the Practices de-identified Classic CAT patient data files and allows Medicare Locals or Research Organisations to aggregate the data, view graphs, create reports and see relevant maps across their regions.

Practices can use PAT CAT to see their own data benchmarked against the Medicare Local aggregated data. Practices can give permission to other practices to show their data, otherwise, only the ML coordinator will be able to see each individual practice data.

To arrange access to the Classic and Cleansing CAT, contact the Medicare Local responsible for your catchment. They can assist with registration and training.
Getting started

Doctors Control Panel (DCP)
What is it?
Available for MD3, Best Practice and Medinet , the DCP has been written by local Melbourne GP, Dr Anton Knieriemen. It has a “pop up” at the bottom of the clinical screen that alerts the GP to which preventive care items need to be addressed. It has a number of colour-coded “tablets” that tell you: Nothing recorded (red), Needs updating (orange) and Up-to-date (green). This includes the clinical, medication, measurements and required tests of preventive care. These items are also linked to the relevant section of the RACGP Red Book. There is also a version that links to Pracsoft so that item number use is monitored.
How do I get it?
Go to the DCP Homepage (see link below) and click on Register at the top right of the screen. Follow the prompts from then on.

Help Desk

There is a Help Desk for assistance on Information Management - you can ring Noel at the Division (03) 9496 4333.
Please remember that we do not fix hardware problems – this is an issue between you and your hardware supplier.
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